Ryan Gosling Asking What Is A “Zaddy” Is As Ironical As It Can Be

Ryan Gosling Asking What Is A “Zaddy” Is As Ironical As It Can Be

The Canadian star has been busy this summer with his projects as we saw him in Barbie look on the premiere. Because Ryan Gosling is portraying the iconic Mattel doll alongside Margot Robbie in the upcoming movie. Whereas The Gray Man film arrived on July 22, 2022, directed by brother duo Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. And the sprawling action took away the breath of viewers astounded by the Sierre Six and Lloyd Hansen’s rivalry. In a promotional video, Ryan Gosling sat down with Netflix for a screen test. Also, he talked about his favorite movies and his passion for the entertainment world. Although we also get a sneak peek behind the shoot from the Netflix Film production house. Let’s see some of the fun moments they had with this amazing actor.

Ryan Gosling is in a complete satirical mood since The Gray Man’s release

The official page of Still Watching Netflix recently shared a YouTube short of Ryan Gosling. The short captioned: “the irony of Ryan Gosling asking what a “zaddy” is 😅🤨 #TheGrayMan”. In the blooper, Gosling was making the team laugh with his questions and stories. He said that this task is so difficult when you have to do everything in a single shot

While in the mid-conversation he just asks about the “Zaddy” word and said:

“Where’s the “Z” come from? Why is it, what’s the “Z”?”

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So one of the team members replied that kids use this word nowadays. Moreover, he kept on making everyone laugh with his humorous thoughts. For instance, he revealed his fantasy about ghosts “Do ghosts wear clothes or not?” Therefore, it seems like the child inside Ryan still lives as his fantasies are hilarious.

Gosling is a walking explosive in The Gray Man 

Netflix’s spy thriller depicts Ryan as a secret agent who gets into a life-threatening situation. After he finds out that his boss Denny Carmichael, has done some dirty work. Thereupon Lloyd is assigned to track down and kill him which leads to a badass showdown. Six just slips every single time destroying everything that comes in his way.

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The actor leads an ultraviolent storyline with destruction lingering around him. As we see how badly the beautiful streets of European city falls into ruins. Despite the unfavorable reviews, this movie is a glimmer view of chaos and savagery. The Gray Man is exclusively streaming on Netflix go take a look now.

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