“sort of like the Stranger Things effect”: ‘Rick and Morty’ Voice Actor Compares The Show to Netflix’s Most Successful Original Show

“sort of like the Stranger Things effect”: ‘Rick and Morty’ Voice Actor Compares The Show to Netflix’s Most Successful Original Show

Netflix is home to an overwhelming number of shows and movies that have catered for our needs for the most wholesome entertainment. More than just a streaming platform, Netflix has become the place for everyone’s relaxation and amusement. All because of the world-famous shows that it airs. Starting from the major blockbuster hit Stranger Things to the globally-acclaimed show Rick and Morty, we’ve had all of it.

While the entire world now awaits the Strangers Things finale in 2024, Adult Swim has made the wait a bit easier by releasing its brand new episodes earlier this month. But the former became a talking topic when a Rick and Morty Voice artist made a classic reference to the show.

Rick and Morty voice artist compares the show with Stranger Things’ brilliance

Rick and Morty is a sci-fi animation show where a twisted scientist granddad drags his absolute mad lad grandson into all of his bizarre space missions. Currently, the show boasts a hefty number of 50 episodes with 5 seasons. After the immense success of season 3, Adult Swim ordered a set of another 70 upcoming episodes, divided into an unspecified number of seasons. The show also made a tie-up with the Gaming Universe, MultiVersus in which Morty appears to be a new gaming character in the new game.

Spencer Grammer, the voice artist voicing Morty’s sister and Rick’s granddaughter, Summer, in a flurry of interviews, compared the animated show to Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things. According to Screenrant, when the actor was asked about the success story of Rick and Morty, Grammar said, “I think there was like, I think it was needed… But you never know when that’s gonna hit. It’s sort of like the Stranger Things effect, right? No one wanted to make that show and then they made it and it’s this huge phenomenon..”

With shows like these, Netflix ought to flourish forever as the streaming giant

This is the truth about all the legit shows that start slow and steady and win the big hit. Stranger Things also wasn’t so great of bash when it started. However, now it is among the best television shows or series. Likewise, Rick and Morty, which started off as merely a cartoon show, shares the same story behind its massive success. With more such shows, the streaming giant can easily get over its current slump with respect to subscribers and flourish for a long while.

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