7 Rick and Morty Episodes That You Must Watch Before Season 6 Drops on Netflix

7 Rick and Morty Episodes That You Must Watch Before Season 6 Drops on Netflix

Since its first episode in 2013, Rick and Morty has taken science-fiction misadventures to new heights. With all of its pop culture references, attention to detail, and nihilism, the show has an endless supply of story ideas. Every Rick and Morty adventure brings something new. It is to be expected since there are an infinite number of universes.

We have brought you seven of the most amazing episodes of this show that you must watch.

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7 Best Episodes of Rick and Morty

Just like there are an infinite number of universes in the show, there seem to be an infinite number of Rick and Morty episodes that could be considered the best, depending on what you’re looking for in an episode. But in this universe and time, these are the 7 best episodes that we think you should watch.

Lawnmower Dog (S01E02)

The “Rick and Morty” pilot might not be the best place to start watching the show, since it’s about as far from a premise pilot as you can get. It’s almost like Rick is trying to keep the audience at a distance from the start. But “Lawnmower Dog” was a reward for those who stayed with the cosmic ride until the end.

A strong and, in some ways, more important second episode for the young series. It shows how weirdly complicated the series could and would get.

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Rixty minutes (S01E08)

Many people think of Jerry as the perfect example of a sad character, so seeing a version of reality in which he is popular and successful is as interesting to viewers as it is to the Smith family. In the end, though, it becomes clear that he is always going to be sad, no matter how big or small the problem is. This shows how important his marriage to Beth is.

Total Rickall (S02E04)

Rick finds out that his family, the Smiths, are infected with a dangerous parasite that spreads by giving its hosts false memories. The invasion starts out simple enough, with the family eating dinner with a made-up Uncle Steve.

However, things get worse quickly, and Rick has to put up blast shields around the family’s suburban home as it becomes overrun with strange creatures like the Photography Raptor, the Reverse Giraffe, and the Hamurai (a Japanese warrior armored in pork products), and the Amish Cyborg. And for each appearance, there’s a flashback, a cutaway that takes the Smith family back to great times they’ve had with these creatures.

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The Wedding Squanchers (S02E10)

Rick has met some very strange people on his travels through the universes, like Gearhead and Abrodolph Lincoler. Even though most of them seem to bother him, Rick would call one or two of them friends. When one of these (bird)people decides to get married, he reluctantly agrees to go to the wedding.

The ceremony turns out to be a trap, but Rick and the Smith family are able to get away. In the end, though, the scientist with the spiked hair decides to turn himself in to save his family from a life of running away. It’s one of the few times Rick puts someone else’s needs before his own. It shows a side of Rick that had been missing up until that point.

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Pickle Rick (S03E03)

“Pickle Rick” is an episode of “Rick and Morty” that, by all means, is illogical. But it’s the episode that won the first Emmy for the series. The basic idea is that Rick gets himself into a pickle and then becomes the star of his own violent action movie. He does this to avoid going to therapy with his broken family.

Even though Rick goes to therapy at the end of a session where he is named as the cause of his family’s problems and explains how his self-centered worldview got him there, that doesn’t fix everything. In fact, it only makes things worse because it makes the father-daughter bond between Rick and Beth stronger at the expense of everyone else. Not bad for an episode about a pickle that acts like a person.

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The Ricklantis Mixup (S03E07)

Remember when Rick and Morty went to Atlantis and how it changed their lives. This episode is also called “Tales from the Citadel.” While Rick and Morty are off-screen spending time in the lost city, the show checks in on the Citadel of Ricks after the Council of Ricks has died.

Not only is the Citadel doing well, but the story also follows Evil Morty’s sneaky rise to power as he tricks his way to becoming dictator of the Citadel, an act that will still have big effects on the future of all Ricks and Mortys as we know them.

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Vat of Acid (S04E08)

save point button is invented by Morty’s grandpa in the Vat of Acid episode after Rick’s escape plan is criticized by Morty and his grandfather is prompted to do so by his grandson. Even if Morty’s anguish is greater than Rick’s, Morty had to admit that Rick’s concept wasn’t bad one after this experience. While the Smith family may have changed a lot, Rick stays the same in his determination to make a point. 

So, there were the 7 best episodes of Rick and Morty. You can rewatch them anytime on Netflix. Also, let us know which one was your favorite episode in the comments.

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