Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Be In Multiversus? How Can You Get the Characters?

Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Be In Multiversus? How Can You Get the Characters?

No one is unaware of the popular American sci-fi sitcom, Rick and Morty and its worldwide fandom. The rumors of introducing Rick and Morty as playable characters in MultiVersus were indeed true and the release date has hit us even closer. The online crossover gaming platform published by Warner Bros now has an official release date. Thus we’re excited to let you know that it will now have Morty as one of the gaming characters.  

When and How can we get Rick and Morty in MultiVersus?

The recent skin animations and some gameplay leaks throw light on the release date for the game. With Morty coming in first, this has been directly confirmed by a comment from Tony in the MultiVersus SDCC interview from IGN. The official release date for Morty from Rick and Morty is this year’s 9th of August. It is currently available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The same day season 1 begins. Hypex took to Twitter saying Morty is coming back to Fortnight with the skin bundle sometime in August. The release of the MultiVersus content has lined up suspiciously well for the meat for Fortnight. So the dates of the two are more likely to collide with each other.

Looks like MultiVersus is just a WB, only game

Although there is no news for Rick as of now, we guess he’s probably bugged. Otherwise, the platform is releasing Morty first due to the leaks to keep somewhat of a surprise factor. Rick will most probably be the last on the battle pass with a huge bash incoming for the players.

The leaked skins that now surface online have made the eagerly waiting players go all crazy over the release. Although there is, unfortunately, no skin for Morty until now, the YouTube Channel DracoWolf shows Rick will have 4. There is going to be the default skin with the normal lab coat, Rick in Mech Suit, Rick in Pickle, and the Seal Team Rick. 

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While we have some time to wait for the characters to enter MultiVersus, the community has unlocked the Rick and Morty stage with a target to hit 10 million ring-outs. It was based on the ‘Get Schwifty’ episode from the second season and the challenge was completed in just a matter of three hours.

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