69,000 Fans Erupt at Taylor Swift’s Debut Eras Tour as the Anti-Hero Singer Shatters Madonna’s Record, Resulting in a Twitter Brawl

69,000 Fans Erupt at Taylor Swift’s Debut Eras Tour as the Anti-Hero Singer Shatters Madonna’s Record, Resulting in a Twitter Brawl

Taylor Swift garnered record-breaking 69,000 fans for her concert. The 33-year-old won her first Grammy at the tender age of 20, never looking back again. With steady growth, she remains one of the most accomplished artists of today’s time. But when comparisons, especially with artists of older generations, are made, they barely ever result in a peaceful discussion.

PopBase took to Twitter to post the news of Swift’s recording breaking audience numbers, making her the top American female artist to garner such a crowd. They added how the artist broke Madonna’s record and made history. But it ended up in a debate between fans of the two artists, each putting forward their own arguments over it.

Swift’s record-breaking event took place in Glendale, Arizona while on her tour in North America. The performance would last for more than three hours, with over 44 song performances. The playlist saw four divisions like ‘You Need To Calm Down’ ‘Cruel Summer’, etc. Granted, the crowd wanted to make up for the lost time as this would be her first performance since the pre-pandemic time of 2018 but back in 1987, the ‘La Isla Bonita’ singer made her own record by filling the ground with 63,000 people at LA’s Anaheim stadium.

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Now, records are set to just be broken by someone else in the future. But comparisons need more factors than mere numbers. So just as Swifties began making comparisons, it sparked a debate between them and who do not find the comparisons valid.

What did twitterati have to say about Taylor Swift and Madonna’s concert comparisons?

While Swifties are celebrating her record-breaking concert attendance, fans of Madonna are debating the comparison with the ‘Queen of Pop’. One fan outright stated how the ‘Material Girl’ singer is better than the ‘Willow’ singer in every aspect or metric.

Another one is confident of the former top artist, leading into the race if she chooses to compete again. One fan even posted a clip of Madonna’s World Tour in France back in 1987, which apparently saw a crowd of 176,000 filling the streets.

Another big argument was that Madonna managed to gain these numbers back in the 80s era when the population was low and the world of the internet and technology did not exist. But for her fans, Taylor Swift is the ultimate star, who will continue breaking old records.

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Whom do you side with in this debate between Taylor Swift and Madonna? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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