Fans Pick Sides as Lana Del Rey Reveals Why She Only Sang One Verse for the 2022 Midnights Album by Taylor Swift

Fans Pick Sides as Lana Del Rey Reveals Why She Only Sang One Verse for the 2022 Midnights Album by Taylor Swift

Fans of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey have been in a world of war over their collaboration. Now, musicians often collaborate on music which helps bring different talents together, add variations to the album and reach a bigger crowd. But it may not have turned out the way it was supposed to, at least for some of their fans.

During an interview with Billboard, Del Rey revealed how Swift wanted her to sing more in their collaboration song Snow On The Beach for the 2022 Midnights album. But instead of singing the entire verse like Swift wanted, Rey only sang one verse and returned to her work. According to her, she had no idea of being the only singer to feature in the album.

Had I known, I would have sung the entire second verse like she wanted,” she said during the interview. Lana Del Rey backed her opinion by adding how she wanted to focus on the production of the album and help add to it instead.

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When Pop Base tweeted about it, fans in the comments had a rather mixed reaction to it all. While some of them were okay with the way things were, some others wanted a new version. Twitterati erupted in a debate over the two singers.

How fans of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey got divided over the Midnights album

The Midnights album by Taylor Swift turned out to be the most successful album of her career, with record-breaking views. Its song, Snow On The Beach, was arguably one of the best music pieces made in a long time. It included Lana Del Rey’s dreamy and hazy music style along with Swift’s charm and skill set. However, many fans also noted how Rey could be barely heard throughout the song. Following the revelation of the reason by Del Rey, fans erupted in a debate.

A Swiftie pointed out how the singer was wrongly blamed for dominating the song. Another fan wanted her to return the song to Rey and ask her to complete it, while another one was upset over the latter not doing her work. One even blamed Rey for being ‘lazy’ about the work. On the other hand, supporters of the Summertime Sadness singer wondered why she was not encouraged to sing it. There are also those who want to see another version with more Rey on it.

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