Kaching! Internet Slashed Into Two as Fans Predict Billionaire Future of Taylor Swift

Kaching! Internet Slashed Into Two as Fans Predict Billionaire Future of Taylor Swift

For more than a decade now, Taylor Swift has amassed the hugest and most dedicated fandom in the world. Famously known as Swifties, these music lovers keep a constant eye on the life of this pop sensation. You might have come across internet posts where fans try to discover her videos and songs. They find clues in the tiniest of moves taken by the Grammy winner and foretell what may be coming next. In other words, these people are what every musician desire to achieve in their career.

Not so long ago, Swift’s followers showed enormous support for her ninth studio album Midnights. People were so eager at the time that Spotify got crashed while the album topped the charts in 28 territories. Moreover, they filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster claiming the company engaged in anti-competitive conduct. And now these devotees once again stand tall to hold her castle as the reports reveal she might become a billionaire soon.

Billionaire prediction of Taylor Swift sends fans into a frenzy

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift is anticipated to become a billionaire from her upcoming tour Eras. Billboard has calculated that the ticket sale will generate more than $600 million in the US alone. These predictions also hint at the fact that if the tour achieves this graph then she will become the highest-grossing female touring artist in history.

And like always instantly after hearing this announcement fans started their debate on social media. A rift has been building between Twitter users since the prediction was made last December. Some people think that the Anti Hero singer has earned it. While others have murkier thoughts about people becoming billionaires over ordinary people’s money.

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One fan posted: “Twitter folks are really something. I don’t care if someone is a billionaire as long as they worked hard for it and legally earned it. Taylor Swift deserves it.”

“At that point, I believe it becomes an act of theft from ordinary people to hoard wealth without using it to better one’s life and simply accumulated wealth for the sake of wealth,” stated another.

What do you think about Taylor Swift set to achieve a new milestone? Drop your views in the comment section.

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