“Breaks my heart..”- Lady Gaga on Relating to Taylor Swift’s Struggle With Eating Disorders

“Breaks my heart..”- Lady Gaga on Relating to Taylor Swift’s Struggle With Eating Disorders

Taylor Swift is not alone in her struggles with her eating disorder. Pokerface singer Lady Gaga is someone who has been through the same. There is no question that celebrities, whether actors or singers, are pressured to look their best at all times. With the paparazzi following, a single bad photo garners negative comments.

Going through self-image issues and eating disorders is not too uncommon for this reason. Now, Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. But the Bejeweled singer is also a human who goes through such struggles. Siding with her is Lady Gaga, who applauded and related Swift’s issues with her own.

How Lady Gaga could resonate with Taylor Swift when it comes to body issues

Taylor Swift’s documentary Miss Americana has touched many people, including Lady Gaga. As per People, the 36-year-old singer saw a clip from the documentary as it resurfaced on Tik Tok. “That’s really brave everything you said wow. This scene always breaks my heart“, she commented.

The 2020 documentary shows the raw side of the artist that seems perfect to the world. Sitting in the back of her car, she talks about how she is a size six instead of a size zero. She talked about people were concerned about her weight. Instead, she would defend herself by saying how she works out a lot but eats normally. But that was not the whole truth.

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The entertainer was exercising a lot but not eating enough for her body. On the other side, Lady Gaga also had her own struggles. She reportedly had bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15. These struggles are a major cause of worry, especially among youngsters. Unrealistic beauty standards and comparison with air-brushed posters often became a motivation for all these.

Today Gaga promotes compassion and inspires bravery. Kylie Jenner, Justine Baldoni, Lili Reinheart, etc., are some of the many celebrities who have opened up about their eating disorders. Today, the question of unhealthy measures is still being dealt with in the entertainment industry by spreading awareness.

What do you think of Lady Gaga relating herself to Taylor Swift when it comes to eating disorders? Comment your thoughts.


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