“Sherman Oaks has always been a hotbed for juicy gossips”: ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Teases More Drama

“Sherman Oaks has always been a hotbed for juicy gossips”: ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Teases More Drama

The teenagers at Hawkins High might be facing life or death situations, however, Devi from Sherman Oaks High will still emphasize that her relationship problems are bigger than Vecna tearing apart a town. In a recently released clip from Netflix for season 3 of Never Have I Ever, we think Devi will have much more on her plate than relationship struggles. The comedy-drama that debuted in 2020, loosely based on Mindy Kaling’s own experiences growing up in the States, quickly became popular because of the charming characters. 

Keep your Kleenex ready, one of your ships may fail in Never Have I Ever season 3

Never Have I Ever season 3 trailer showed us Devi enjoying her newfound popularity. She quickly went from a nerd to a hotshot once her status changed to Paxton’s girlfriend. However, the new clip suggests that Devi has a new troll targeting her and Sherman Oaks has a new Lady Whistledown of its own this season! Our girl pissed a lot of girls when she and Paxton made it official. After all, Paxton is the hottest dude in school. 

But will their relationship last? Despite making it official, Devi grows increasingly insecure. It doesn’t help that the new clip teases a big time jump, at least one breakup, and Devi getting a big opportunity. Moreover, the entry of the new hot guy, Des, could also mean trouble for Devi. 

With Devi and her friends growing up, the time jump makes sense. Meanwhile, it is highly likely that Kamala will pull the plug on her relationship with Prashanth and start a new relationship with Kulkarni. The clip already dropped a hint that apart from Devi and Paxton, several new relationships will debut this season.

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With so many new character additions from Parker (Deacon Phillippe), Addison (Terry Hu), Marco (Victoria Moroles), and Rhea (Saraya Blue), the drama this season is surely going to hit the fan. 

The third installment of the teenage comedy drops on Netflix on August 12. 

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