From Olivia Rodrigo Reference to a New Hot Indian Guy, Here Is Everything That Left Us Breathless From ‘Never Have I Ever ‘Season 3 Trailer

From Olivia Rodrigo Reference to a New Hot Indian Guy, Here Is Everything That Left Us Breathless From ‘Never Have I Ever ‘Season 3 Trailer

Mindy Kaling brings back the zany high school comedy that chronicles the struggles of Indian American, Devi in high school for the third time. Netflix has just dropped the trailer for Never Have I Ever season 3 and we sense more trouble brewing for our Devi as a hot guy has entered the chat besides Paxton. Let’s find out what else Mindy has in store for us in the newest season! 

Unpacking the latest trailer of Never Have I Ever season 3 

From the trailer, it’s clear that Devi and Paxton have made it official as they have a power walk through the corridors of their High school. Devi’s popularity is soaring high due to her status as Paxton’s girlfriend, but her friends remind her that it isn’t sitting well with some people. 

She overhears other girls talking about her relationship with Paxton in the bathroom. This causes her to doubt her own relationship and insecurities start creeping in. Meanwhile, Ben is still in the picture, although we aren’t sure whether he still has feelings for her or not. But they are on good terms. However, things are about to go south as a hot Indian dude enters Devi’s life (literally through a door at the party). Will she oscillate between the two guys? History tells us that she will. After all, she two-timed Ben and Paxton last season, hurting them both. However, Paxton had a change of heart at the Dance. 

Meanwhile, we also spot Kamla with Mr. Kulkarni. What’s brewing between them? Is Prashanth out of the picture? Last season Kamala panicked before Prashanth’s family made a sudden visit to her place and she abruptly left for the Karaoke with Kulkarni. 

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Oh, and did we mention that Devi dropped an Olivia Rodrigo reference in her sarcastic reply to her therapist? 

Netflix has already ordered another season of Never Have I Ever. However, Devi’s story will move no further than season 4. Kaling plans to wrap up the high school story within four seasons. 

Never Have I Ever season 3 drops on August 12. 

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