“She was…a quiet person on set”- Amidst The ‘Deal or No Deal’ Fiasco Show Stylist Backs up Meghan Markle

“She was…a quiet person on set”- Amidst The ‘Deal or No Deal’ Fiasco Show Stylist Backs up Meghan Markle

When hate remarks and severe backlashes broke out against the Duchess for her Deal or No Deal statements, there were hardly any voices that rose in support of Meghan Markle. Apart from the show host, there was not a single person to back up Markle for a justified reason she voiced in her self-built platform. However, another supporter has joined forces as she decides to claim Markle in her media outlets. 

One of Markle’s inmates of the show who worked with her has taken her stance. Although she did make some contrasting comments to what the Duchess stated on Archetypes last week, she was all praises for the Duchess. But who was she? Read further to know what she said. 

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Dina Cerchione is all praises for Meghan Markle

As reported by Us Weekly, the show’s stylist Dina Cerchione recalled working with the then-actress and remarked, “I remember Meghan as being very professional and a nice person.Although Markle is known for boldly voicing her opinions, back in the day Dina said, “she was, overall, a quiet person on set“. While Markle was working as the briefcase girl on the show, Cerchione was the primary stylist.

Her intention and entire dedication were to make “each woman look her best“. She further talked about the ways of the American Live show and its ways. The stylist stated that models were never “forced” to do anything.

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Despite all words of appreciation, this came as a striking contrast to what the Duchess had confessed a week ago. Nevertheless, the one and a half years that she spent working with the then-star, she cherishes a lot. 

Recalling her time as a “briefcase girl,” The Duchess had opened up about some harsh realities that she encountered backstage. She stood against some strict rules that the performers should appear outwardly on stage. Justifying further, Markle stated how they were handed Spray-tan vouchers each week. “There was a very cookie-cutter idea of what precisely we should look like,” Markle confessed.

Her words that defamed the show, became quite a controversy over social media. Twitteratis almost stormed the platform bringing back another controversial old clip of the former star, calling out her apparent hypocrisy. 

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