Twitter Bashes Meghan Markle For her ‘Deal or No Deal’ Statement By Bringing ‘90210’ Scene from Her Past

Twitter Bashes Meghan Markle For her ‘Deal or No Deal’ Statement By Bringing ‘90210’ Scene from Her Past

Once again, as a matter of course, the Duchess of Sussex finds herself at the receiving end of hate remarks and comments from internet users. Soon after she revealed the grounds for her quitting Deal or No Deal, Twitterattis stormed the platform with an awkward video of a Meghan Markle with a scene from 90210. Although the former American actress is one epitome of vigor and poise, people on social media have got something strikingly different to it.

For the unversed, it all centers on her latest podcast with Paris Hilton and Claire Malone, on Archetypes. The Duchess explored how women have been objectified forever despite their flair. Although it was for the greater good, internet users reached the opposite pole with downright hate comments. Here is what they had at hand.

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Meghan Markle called out for her 90210 scene

90210 is a teen drama series that starred Meghan Markle back when she was a part of the industry. In the movie, the former actress was seen shooting an awkwardly vulgar scene with Ethan Warde. The scene required the actress to act like she had just given an oral s*x to her castmate. This came as a huge contradiction to what she said about resigning from Deal or No Deal.

Markle reportedly mentioned how she did not like the way she was treated on stage on the American Live show. For being cast as the “briefcase girl” she faced a lot of humiliation owing to her looks. The Duchess talked about how they were made to modify or enhance themselves to be on stage. Speaking of the same, she affirmed, “It was solely about beauty and never about brains”.

However, after a couple of years, netizens saw her in yet another complex role, as aforementioned. Owing to the same, Twitter users took to the platform to post the picture of her character as Wendy calling the Duchess a “hypocrite”. The picture of the car scene has resurfaced back on Twitter with a hashtag that reads #MeghanMarkleExposed. Many have been outraged by the other opinions she put on the table on Archetypes.

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