Amidst Severe Backlash, Meghan Markle Gets Support From Howie Mandel Over her ‘Deal or No Deal’ Comments

Amidst Severe Backlash, Meghan Markle Gets Support From Howie Mandel Over her ‘Deal or No Deal’ Comments

Meghan Markle would have hardly expected such a turn of events amidst the huge outcry of her haters. However, it comes as a much astonishing fact that at least one out of countless raised in favor of the former American actress. Wondering who was the one who had the courage to speak against the crowd?

Meghan Markle had her head under the saw for quite a week owing to her own remarks on Archetypes. The Duchess evidently mentioned her experience in the show in her early life. She had further talked about how she felt inappropriate to continue with the show for which she stepped back. Apparently, her words spread like wildfire, provoking harassing tweets on the social media platform

How did Howie Mandel support Meghan Markle amidst the controversies?

While Markle received negative remarks for her comments about Deal or No Deal, one voice has come to her rescue. It might come as a huge surprise for the readers, but it was a host of the very show that came to her defense. We are talking about none other than Howie Mandel, who did not quite understand the “big hoopla” revolving around her podcast remarks.

The host further explained himself, stating that as he belonged to the same work environment, it was understandable on his part. He too was also present there just to tell them to open the briefcases, so he “felt like nothing.” It was for this reason that he moved ahead with his career to become a judge in America’s Got Talent. 

For hours there were 26 women staring at me like a piece of meat,” remarked Howie in an interview justifying why it was fulfilling to leave the show. As for Meghan’s part, she too ended up quitting the job. She no longer appeared in the show and parted ways after feeling objectified. “I was thankful for the job but not how it made me feel, which was not smart”, said the Duchess. 

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Soon after, Markle got her big break with Suits before meeting Prince Harry in 2016 and consequently getting married in 2018. Today, the couple live in California with their children, Archie and Lilibet, and own a production house. Meanwhile, Markle runs a podcast on Spotify, and the two are gearing up for the Duke’s memoir and their Netflix documentary.

What do you think about Howie’s comment on the Deal or No Deal controversy? Do you agree with the Duchess?

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