Shawn Levy Thanks ‘Stranger Things’ for a Bizarre Reason Related to Ryan Reynolds Starrer ‘Deadpool’

Shawn Levy Thanks ‘Stranger Things’ for a Bizarre Reason Related to Ryan Reynolds Starrer ‘Deadpool’

The announcement of Deadpool 3 has generated quite a buzz around the world. Firstly, the unique take by Ryan Reynolds was surprising and hilarious. But what was the most surprising element in the announcement video was the cameo of Hugh Jackman. More importantly, he, AKA the wolverine, will be back in the third part of the film franchise. The director of the film Shawn Levy, too, had revealed something which is shocking.

The director somehow related Deadpool and Netflix’s hit Stranger Things in his recent tweet. The said tweet had the Twitterati wondering what the Levy was trying to say, with some decoding his emojis. But what was the thing that he tweeted which was going viral?

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Shawn Levy thanked Stranger Things for its contribution to Ryan Reynolds starer Deadpool

The announcement in itself is so huge that it was difficult even for the crew members to hide it. And the happiness of announcing that Hugh Jackman is back in his Wolverine avatar is surely something that kept bubbling up in Shawn Levy’s mind for a while now. So, the director of thanked Stranger Things in his tweet for training him to keep secrets.

Stranger Things is a fantastic series with many unexpected twists. The fourth season of the show has been keeping people hooked for months after its release and for years before. And the primary reason was the lack of news about the show, which the stars and Levy himself made sure to maintain. Surely, keeping his lips sealed for the three-year gap between seasons 3 and 4 must have been great practice for him.

Levy had proposed the idea of bringing Ryan and Hugh Jackman together previously during the promotion of Netflix’s The Adam Project, too. Looks like he has made his dream come true.

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy have collaborated on a number of projects. However, this is the last time Ryan will be appearing in an MCU film. Meanwhile, Logan, the last Wolverine film was supposedly the last time Hugh Jackman assumed the role of the iconic X-Men character, but fans will be delighted about his return in Deadpool 3, which will take place before the events of the 2017 film.

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Well, looks like the cast and crew of Deadpool 3 will be bringing more surprises. Stay tuned with us to know more.

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