“Serendipitous indeed” – James Gunn Garners Love From Fans as He Reveals a Heartwarming Reason That Makes ‘Superman Legacy’ Special

“Serendipitous indeed” – James Gunn Garners Love From Fans as He Reveals a Heartwarming Reason That Makes ‘Superman Legacy’ Special

The DC Universe has a lot of characters that have become fan favorites. However, Superman has a special place in the hearts of the fandom. Especially, when they saw the Henry Cavill version of the character, they simply fell in love with the character once again. Now, James Gunn is going to show a different side of the man with the cape. While fans have been waiting for the update about the new face of Superman, Gunn revealed a beautiful reason that makes the film more special to him.

The new DC boss posted a picture of Superman and explained the reason for the film to be special. It is not because he is going to direct the film. But because Gunn’s brother reminded him the release date of the film is their father’s birthday. It made the new DC boss a little more emotional. While reminiscing about his bond with his father, Gunn said his father did not quite understand his passion for comics and films.

However, his father always supported him. And giving him the credits for making the Superman film, Gunn wrote about his journey with Superman. Many years ago, the new DC boss got an offer to create a Superman film. But he did not have a unique creative vision to honor the legacy of Superman. However, a little less than a year ago, Gunn found a unique angle to Superman’s story that led him to write the script.

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As he expressed his love for the script, fans of the DC hero also expressed their excitement.

Fans laud James Gunn for the Superman Legacy specialty

At first, Gunn was not sure about directing the film as he revealed in his post. Just because he wrote something, did not mean he would feel it in his bones. But because he loved the script so much he decided to bring his visions into reality. Now, fans, who with hopes that the new Superman movie will focus on one major thing, expressed their excitement about the upcoming DC movie written and directed by James Gunn.

While fans are excited about the film, they supported the new DC boss with all their hearts. Fans also demanded their favorite scenes to be in the film from the original comic book. While others showcased their loved ones’ admiration for the DC hero as well.

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Are you also excited about the upcoming film, Superman Legacy? What are you expecting from it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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