The Next Superman Movie Needs to Focus on This One Thing That They Did Not Do in the Henry Cavill Version of the Film

The Next Superman Movie Needs to Focus on This One Thing That They Did Not Do in the Henry Cavill Version of the Film

Henry Cavill may have spent a brief span of time portraying Superman for the DCEU, but he sure appeared as one of the best Supermans of all time. Although fans were holding out hope for his return with the post-credit scenes of Black Adam. However, the actor finally confirmed his exit from the franchise and the character that got him a large share of fame. But there’s one thing they missed out on in Cavill’s Superman films.

DC studios have announced the next Superman project, called Superman: Legacy, but there is one thing they need to focus on this time that they missed in Cavill’s version. Apparently, the studio needs to focus more on the alter ego of Superman aka Clark Kent, and the characters surrounding him.

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel gave less attention to the Clark Kent aspect of the character, focusing more on Kal-El and his heroic deeds. But, Kent was not the only character in the film who did not get the expected focus; there were others.

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DCEU should not repeat the mistake that happened in the Henry Cavill version

A crucial component of superhero films, especially the Superman ones, is to focus equally on the superhero as well as their alter ego. Sadly, while its main plot progressed flawlessly, the DCEU mainly ignored Clark Kent in Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill and Diane Lane in Man of Steel
Credits: Imago

According to Screen Rant, while the Man of Steel made improvements to certain legendary characters, like Lois Lane, it mostly ignored Clark Kent’s supporting cast and relegated other significant personas to the back.

Characters like Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, who possessed the maximum potential to be explored were sidelined by the makers. In fact, in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Olsen dies only minutes after his introduction.

Hence, equally focusing on the alter ego of Superman will make the film more realistic and relatable for the audience. Moreover, the fans enjoy the clumsiness of the humanized character as much as they enjoy the flawlessness of the superhero.

In fact, since the character of Kal-El is not from Earth, the makers should explore the human characters around him so that he can become more relatable to the audience. If the complexities of his life and relationships aren’t explored, he will become just another superhero whom the audience will like but won’t remember for long.

Do you think that the human characters around Superman need a prominent portrayal? Tell us in the comments.

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