Superman Alert! Michael B. Jordan Finally Spoke About Rumors Surrounding the Kryptonian in the DCU

Superman Alert! Michael B. Jordan Finally Spoke About Rumors Surrounding the Kryptonian in the DCU

Henry Cavill was and is fans’ favorite Superman. When the actor exited from the DCU, fans started to talk about who would be the next one to take the place of The Witcher actor. Meanwhile, there started rumors about Michael B. Jordan being the first man with a cape of color. Recently, Jordan was asked this question about the rumors, and his answer surprised the interviewer.

There were rumors about the Black Panther actor portraying Val-Zod. Val-Zod is more known than the Man with the cape and is the alternate Kryptonian hero. However, while fans were wondering about the possibility of the actor portraying the character, he opened up about it with Entertainment Tonight. On the red carpet event of the actor’s film Creed III, the interviewer asked him about the rumors. As the interviewer asked Jordan about playing DC’s Black Superman, he instantly asked who said it.

The Black Panther actor revealed that he knows nothing about it. However, previously Jordan had given hope to the fandom by saying that everyone wishes to see the Black leads in heroic roles. According to him, representation was important. Nevertheless, his recent statement is contradictory to his previous one.

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Fans are waiting for the upcoming film that James Gunn has been writing. What do we know about the film so far?

Superman: Legacy – The beginning of the DC Universe

Not too long ago, James Gunn announced the upcoming DC projects in a long video. While talking about many movies and shows, the new DC boss announced he was halfway through the upcoming movie about the Man of Steel titled Superman: Legacy. Afterward, Gunn also revealed he has hired no one to portray the superhero yet.

But he is planning to cast someone younger than the previous British actor, as the movie would be about young Clark Kent. Therefore, casting Cavill would not make sense.

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Although Michael B. Jordan denied the rumors, what do you think about it? Do you think he would have justified the character? Can you imagine him as Superman? You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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