Fans Pick Their Favorite Superman Comic, as James Gunn Poses an Important Question About the Man of Steel

Fans Pick Their Favorite Superman Comic, as James Gunn Poses an Important Question About the Man of Steel

Along with other superheroes, Superman has a different fanbase. Because of the qualities the Man of Steel possesses, people love him. First created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman is one of the most-loved DC Comics characters. Many actors portrayed the character on screen. However, Henry Cavill’s portrayal is the most accurate, according to the fandom. Although James Gunn, the new DC boss, axed the actor and took the story of Superman in a different direction. As he asked an important question on his social media question, fans of the man with a cape jumped in to share their love for Superman.

The new DC boss is known for his direct interactions with fans. Even when he took over the DC Studios and made the changes, fans asked a lot of questions about axing their favorite actors and characters. Gunn answered them directly via Twitter. Now, this time, as he is writing Superman Legacy, he asked an important question to the fandom. The 56-year-old filmmaker posted a picture from the Superman comic book with the caption, “What’s your favorite Superman Comic?”

Since 1938, DC Comics has been regularly publishing Superman stories in periodical comic books. The first and oldest of these is Action Comics, which began in April 1938. Many short-lived Superman comics have also been published. However, they published Action Comics and Superman without any interruptions.

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Superman comics and the hero himself became more popular than any other heroes, like Batman or Wonder Woman. And as Gunn asked the question about fans’ favorite Superman comic, they poured their love for the hero.

James Gunn got many Superman Comics options

More than one edition of the superhero comics are available with different exciting stories. While some fans loved Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, others loved Superman: Red Son. However, a user also talked about how poor its animated adaptation was! One user posted the cover of Superman: The Harvests of Youth as their favorite, while, another one loved Superman V/S Muhammad Ali as it gets Superman truly.

While some fans are specific about their choice, others can not decide which one is their favorite. Among all the great stories of the Kryptonian, certainly, it is hard to choose for the fandom.

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Which is your favorite Superman comic? Share your favorites with us in the comment box below.

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