SUPERMAN ALERT! James Gunn Declares Important News About the Next Superman After Axing Henry Cavill

SUPERMAN ALERT! James Gunn Declares Important News About the Next Superman After Axing Henry Cavill

Since the day Henry Cavill announced his return to the DCEU as Superman, his fans were on cloud nine. However, soon after returning as his iconic character, the actor had to put down his Superman cape permanently. While the decision of the new DC boss, James Gunn, enraged the entire fandom, they also predicted the new Man of Steel as well. Amidst the chaos, James Gunn has been interacting with the DCEU fans. This time also, he talked to fans about the replacement of their favorite Superman.

Although fans were hoping they would see their favorite The Witcher star as Superman once again, he had no chance to return as Superman. James Gunn is planning to hire a younger Superman to tell the story of Clark Kent. While the new boss is already working on the script for the new Superman film, fans cannot stop wondering about the new casting process. Since fans have posted some potential actors who could play the character, James Gunn has an answer for all of them.

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James Gunn updated the fandom about the replacement for Henry Cavill

After the official exit of the Justice League actor, fans started to put their thoughts on the new Superman actor. As the new boss of the DC Studios is planning to reboot the entire universe by canceling some of the fan-favorite characters, and directing the universe in a different direction, a fan tweeted about the new Superman, asking Gunn if Jacob Elordi was going to be the new Superman.

While there are many rumors going around about Jacob Elordi being the new Superman, the new DC boss shut them down using his Twitter account. In his reply to this tweet, Gunn cleared people’s doubts once again.

While promising the new updates about the new Superman, Gunn cleared he had hired no one yet. He was still working on the script. As soon as he finishes the script, he would start the casting process. Meanwhile, former Superman Brandon Routh also reacted to Gunn’s tweet, trolling the fan edit featuring Elordi.

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However, fans believe no one can take the place of their favorite, Henry Cavill. Do you also believe the same? Who do you think can match up to Cavill’s portrayal of the memorable character of Superman? What are your guesses about the potential Superman actors? Tell us in the comment box below.

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    Cindy Webster-Martinson
    January 17, 2023 at 12:03 am

    Henry will always be the BEST Superman in my eyes. Considering not only his appearance, but his ability to portray emotion (strength, brokenness, anger, love, compassion…) is unforgettable. Love, love, love Henry!!!

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