Sadie Sink Once Talked About How Playing a Role With THIS Hollywood Actor was an “ultimate goal”

Sadie Sink Once Talked About How Playing a Role With THIS Hollywood Actor was an “ultimate goal”

All actors, irrespective of their experience in the industry, harbor a dream of playing with their most cherished actors. Hollywood is a galaxy filled with such superstars with whom new actors die to play a role. Likewise, young Sadie Sink also had an ultimate goal to work alongside an A-lister.

In an interview with Panel Supercon, Sadie answered some interesting questions before her audience. One which also shed light on film stars with whom she would like to work.

Sadie Sink revealed the Hollywood actress she is absolutely obsessed with

In a flurry of fan questions during the event, Sadie was asked to choose an actress she would like to play her mom in a movie. Sadie, without a moment’s hesitation, replied it would surely be Emma Stone. Her excitement reflected in her words as she exclaimed, “I’m obsessed with Emma Stone…If we could do any kind of movie together… That’s the ultimate goal.

She affirmed that she was not sure if Stone was old enough to play her mom. Nevertheless, Sink would just like to play against her in any given role for a said movie. Further in the interview, she answered many such fan questions, which included some of her best moments with the cast of Stranger Things.

Sink also shed light on her previous roles before skyrocketing as Maxine. Some of the “small TV roles” that she played were Ziggy and young Elizabeth II in The Audience. In fact, the star primarily focused on doing musical theaters before her chartbuster role in the hit sci-fi thriller series.

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Sink further continued to reveal some of the challenges that she faced as an actor. Especially in Stranger Things, she opened up on how season 4 and its bus scenes demanded a lot from her character. Nevertheless, ever since her entry in season 2 as a middle-school loner, Maxine has played a pivotal role in the series.

Her character drew more gravity towards the end of the latest season, which included all her tough showdowns and gritty encounters with the dreaded villain, Vecna. Her outstanding performance was quite evident when she brought an age-old 80s classic to the top of the charts.

What do you think about Sadie Sink’s dreams and wishes? Would you like to share some of your ultimate life goals with us? We are all ears!

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