Ryan Reynolds Was Hilariously Trolled By Jim Parsons’ Character For Playing a Superhero

Ryan Reynolds Was Hilariously Trolled By Jim Parsons’ Character For Playing a Superhero

No matter how much loved you are among your peers and fans as a celebrity, there are a few projects that everyone or most hate, regardless. The world’s sexiest man, Ryan Reynolds, whom fans absolutely admire for his sense of humor, and witty personality even had a little few such unlikable dramas. His DC film, Green Lantern, is one of them. Whether or not you agree with us, Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper certainly does.

Well, if you do not know this overly intellectual personality, he got his Ph.D. at 16. Proudly geeky; he doesn’t mind wearing vintage t-shirts with superhero insignia, speaking Klingon, or reciting numerous historical and cultural narratives. Although the physicist loves the DC character who could form 3D objects with his ring, he didn’t like the idea of the Deadpool actor playing the role.

Sheldon Cooper does not like Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern

Green Lantern is an infamous DC superhero, enacted by Ryan Reynolds in his 2011 movie. It chronicles the adventures and misadventures of test pilot Hal Jordan, who is the chosen one. However, with superpowers came the responsibility of defeating the evil parallax who is determined to destroy planet Earth. While many many have loved to see Ryan Reynolds and his beautiful wife Blake Lively together in action, Young Sheldon’s main protagonist’s reviews are very much negative.

Apparently, in season 5 episode 12 of Big Bang Theory, Sheldon stated that he believed that Nathan Fillion was a better choice to play Green Lantern in the superhero movie. Again in episode 24 of the same season, the 16-year-old nerd complained about the live-action adaption of the superhero movie. Nathan Fillion has notably voiced Green Lantern in DC films. Perhaps it is his natural humor and dialogue delivery that may have led Sheldon to choose him over Ryan Reynolds.

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Are you on the same page with Young Sheldon? Or do you love the owner of Wrexham club playing the superhero? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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