Ryan Reynolds Surprises Fan With a Heartwarming Gesture to Honor Their Engagement

Ryan Reynolds Surprises Fan With a Heartwarming Gesture to Honor Their Engagement

The Canadian actor is known for his kindness and charity work. Ryan Reynolds also directly interacts with his fans sometimes. There was an instance when a fan pointed out the horrendous Disney Plus plot summary for Deadpool. The actor directly interacted with the user and gave him a hilarious response. However, this time, his interaction with a fan was a little different. This time, it wasn’t about his sense of humor, but his sense of kindness.

How would you react if your favorite celebrity reacted to your tweet or post on any social media handles? Well, this time the Deadpool actor surprised a couple as they wished Reynolds would wish them on their engagement. The father of four took note of it and congratulated the couple with heart.

The Twitter user named @smolgaybanshee announced the engagement by asking for an official wish from the Vancouver-born actor. However, the user also wrote they would definitely send him and his wife, Blake Lively, an invitation to their wedding. While taking note of this beautiful union of the couple, The Proposal star sent them wishes. However, fans of the actor also reacted to this kind gesture.

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Fans react to the kindest gesture by Ryan Reynolds

While fans are waiting for the upcoming film, Deadpool 3, the actor keeps on winning hearts by doing kind gestures. Fans appreciated the heartwarming gesture of the actor. While the user expressed gratitude to the actor, others also wished them congratulations.

This is not the first time that Reynolds has interacted with the fandom. After announcing Deadpool 3, the Red Notice star interacted with a fan account of Miss Minutes. As soon as the actor did that, fans started speculating about the involvement of the character in the upcoming MCU film. However, there are no official announcements about the same, but fans would like to see something unique happening in Deadpool 3.

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The 46-year-old actor once saw the post of a mother asking for donations to buy football kits for the children. He immediately donated enough money to the mother and made it possible for them to buy new football kits. While winning hearts with his brilliant acting, Reynolds keeps on winning hearts with these kind and loving gestures frequently.

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