Ryan Reynolds Sings in Unison With Patton Oswalt to Have THIS Legendary Actor on the Canadian Currency Instead of King Charles

Ryan Reynolds Sings in Unison With Patton Oswalt to Have THIS Legendary Actor on the Canadian Currency Instead of King Charles

On the morning of September 8, Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully, ending her 70-year-long reign. 54 countries in the world that were formerly under British rule, together form the Commonwealth. Canada, being one of them, commemorates the monarch by having her face minted on their currency. With her recent passing, a new set of coins will probably be in circulation. Coming from a place of humor, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and comedian Patton Oswalt have a prospective face for the Canadian currency.

Now that Charles III sits as the King of England, it is highly likely that he would appear on the coins. However, it is amusing to speculate about an entirely different approach to it. Let us see whom Ryan Reynolds and Patton Oswalt propose to be on the coins.

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Ryan Reynolds and Patton Oswalt want this actor’s effigy on Canadian coins

Recently, Ivor Tossell, the Product Director at BuzzFeed, posed an open question on Twitter. He asked the Twitterverse for their preferred contenders that should appear on Canadian Currency in place of the current monarch, King Charles III. Twitter users obviously did not disappoint with a barrage of suggestions, including the maple leaf and a wide variety of wildlife.

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt recently known as the voice of Matthew the Raven from The Sandman championed the legendary John Candy. The late actor/comedian is still popular for his humor flicks like Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Spaceballs, and many more. Not much misses the keen eyes of the Red Notice star, especially a quirky notion. So, obviously, Ryan Reynolds almost immediately jumped on the bandwagon, saying, “Yes yes yes. Mint this.

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Like most commonwealth countries, Canada also sported Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy on their currency since 1953. According to the Royal Canadian Mint website, there have been 4 variations of the imprints through the years. 1953-1964, 1965-1989, 1990-2002, and 2003-present day showcasing the long reign of the recently deceased monarch.

Do you agree with Ryan Reynolds and Patton Oswalt? What would be your first choice of famous personality to appear on the coins? Let us know in the comments below. And for more Ryan Reynolds goodness, you can always watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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