Ryan Reynolds Reminisces About His “truly horrible” Appearance on Korean ‘Masked Singer’

Ryan Reynolds Reminisces About His “truly horrible” Appearance on Korean ‘Masked Singer’

Apart from his incredible talent, Ryan Reynolds is also well-known for his off-beat personality and whacky sense of humor. While quirky experiences, for many, may come just once or twice in a lifetime, for the Deadpool actor, they are a regular Tuesday. So a show would have to be truly crazy if it made Ryan Reynolds wonder about his appearance on it. We are obviously referring to his participation in the Korean version of The Masked Singer. 

The Red Notice star is currently busy promoting his Apple TV+ holiday-themed film Spirited. In one of the interviews for his upcoming film, the actor recalled his stranger-than-fiction performance on South Korea’s The King of Masked Singer.

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Ryan Reynolds recounts his bizarre experience on the Korean reality show

Recently, Ryan Reynolds did an exclusive interview with TODAY alongside his Spirited costars, Will Ferrell and Olivia Spencer. While discussing the musical genre of the upcoming Christmas movie, the hosts inquired about Reynolds’ previous foray into the musical milieu. Naturally, his appearance on the Korean Masked Singer became the highlight of their conversation. 

For those unaware, back in 2018, The Adam Project actor was a contestant in the Korean reality show. This was way before The Masked Singer became popular in the US. Reynolds sang the famous track Tomorrow from the soundtrack of Annie-The Musical. While reminiscing about this “traumatic” experience of his, one could clearly see the horror on the Green Lantern star’s face.

I was in actual hell. When I was there, I was like, why did I sign up to do this? This is horrible! This is truly horrible!” narrated Reynolds.

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When asked his reasons for signing up for that show, the Free Guy revealed he did it for kicks. While on an international tour four years ago, a quintessential Reynolds sought “the weirdest show” and directly landed on the sets of King of Masked Singer. If anyone could ever pull off such a stunt, it had to be Ryan Reynolds. In fact, “no Westerner had been on that show before,” so his unmasking was a big surprise for the audience.

What did you think of Ryan Reynolds’ performance on the Korean Masked Singer? Let us know in the comments. Spirited is all set to have a theatrical release on November 11 and will stream on Apple TV+ on November 18. In the meantime, you can watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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