Ryan Reynolds Once Revealed the Reason Why He Looked Zoned Out in a Group Photo with Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Tom Hiddleston

Ryan Reynolds Once Revealed the Reason Why He Looked Zoned Out in a Group Photo with Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Tom Hiddleston

Ryan Reynolds is usually making people laugh, but the actor was once in discussion for his sad expressions. The actor who is married to Blake Lively is often seen hanging along with Taylor Swift on various trips and events. One such trip had everyone rolling over and making memes because of the Ted actor.

While on a trip, everyone was smiling for the group photo with the Deadpool actor looking zoned out. Since it was a happy trip, there were speculations about what could have gone wrong. But the actor soon revealed the reason behind doing what he did.

Why did Ryan Reynolds look lost in the famous holiday group photo?

Back in 2016, the holiday group photos of Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds hit the internet. While the photo came as a surprise for fans, they couldn’t help but notice Reynolds’ oddly standing out for his lost expressions. Around six months later, Reynolds revealed to Entertainment Weekly and said, “I had no idea somebody was taking a photo.” This was apparently just his natural expression. He also joked about how his natural resting face makes him look dead.

The photo showed three couples, with the guys sitting on the chair and their partner sitting on their lap as they romantically snuggled and posed. Swift, her best friend Britany Maack, and even Blake Lively looked into the camera while Reynolds looked in the other direction.

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Although the photo is an old one, it still resurfaces on the internet occasionally. This was also the time when Swift was dating the Crimson Peak actor.

The story of how the group ended up on the trip

At the time, Taylor Swift had freshly broken up with musician Calvin Harris. Thereafter, she began dating the Thor actor, although the fling did not last for more than 3 months. But during that phase, they clicked plenty of photos, went on trips, and took the other two couples along with them.

Swift is now dating her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. The duo is now often seen with Reynolds and Lively on outings as well. But there have been several hilarious and interesting photos of the trio for years now.

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