Ryan Reynolds Once Made Blake Lively Say “If you charged more, you could afford me”

Ryan Reynolds Once Made Blake Lively Say “If you charged more, you could afford me”

The couple that trolls together stay together. The Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively perfectly fit the bill and are the pioneers of this version of the old adage. Reynolds and Lively are one of the coolest couples on social media, as they do not hesitate while trolling or pulling each other’s legs. 

They have been garnering a lot of attention lately by announcing their fourth pregnancy. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been married for ten years now and they are parents to three beautiful daughters, namely James, Inez, and Betty. Thus, the news of the fourth child came as a surprise, but the fans welcomed it with lots of love and adoration. As the couple is trending worldwide, their Instagram banter from July has once again gone viral. Let us see how Blake trolled her husband two months back in style.

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Blake Lively’s sassy Instagram roast for Ryan Reynolds

In July 2022, Ryan Reynolds did an advertisement to promote his company Mint Mobile’s family pack. The commercial began with the Deadpool actor, revealing some details about the plan while asking his wife to elaborate further. However, he was stumped when instead of his wife, a blonde girl appeared on the screen. When the actor stated that she was not his wife, he was met with a sassy reply, “Yeah, I stand in for [Lively] on set during the boring stuff.”

Sharing the advertisement on her official Instagram handle, Blake took a sly dig at her husband, stating that he could not afford her. “Darling, if you charged more, you could afford me,” the Gossip Girl alum wrote, as quoted by ENews. 

Further, in another story, she teased Ryan Reynolds about taking the coach at home. In the advertisement, Reynolds questioned the boring remark by the blonde girl stating that he was trying to make a revolution in the industry. However, the girl did not seem interested, as she kept herself busy with her phone.

The quirky ad ended with Reynolds complaining about his wife. Reacting to his complaint, Lively wrote, “My love, feel free to revolutionize the couch when you sleep on it tonight.”

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