How Many Kids Do Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have?

How Many Kids Do Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have always been what Instagram would say ‘couple goals’. The two are beautiful, talented, and incredibly humorous. Before their kids, his love for his wife was all Ryan would go on about on shows. However, with the Reynolds kids making an entry, they have become the main characters of both the parents’ lives. Best summed up by Ryan himself when he said that he would take a bullet for his wife. But if it came to his daughter, he would not hesitate to use Blake as a human shield to protect her on the David Letterman show.

While Reynolds and Lively make an active attempt to keep their kids away from the spotlight, the two have shared enough stories to keep us in the loop. Moreover, Ryan has gone on air many times to talk about how his love for alcohol has only grown since having kids. Albeit some criticisms, both parents have been applauded for sugarcoating parenting. Let us take a look at what we know about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s kids.

Get to know the Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds kids

Lively and Reynolds already have three beautiful daughters. And just recently, the actress announced their fourth baby in true Blake Lively style by showing off her baby bump on the red carpet. After they got married in 2012, they had their first daughter, James, in December 2014. They named their daughter James in memory of Ryan’s father who passed away before she was born.

While Ryan has made it very clear that he would never get his kids into showbiz, popularly sayingskip the showbiz part and put them straight into rehab” on Planet Radio. His eldest daughter seems to have other plans. James lent her voice for the song Gorgeous in Taylor Swift’s Reputation album. The Fearless hitmaker even mentioned the 7-year-old in the credits.

Next comes Inez Reynolds, who is the main character of most of Ryan’s stories. Now, five years old, Inez has been the only one from the Reynolds family to get a second security pad in town. The family’s pediatrician herself has called her shady. Guess it is time for Ryan to hand down the crown for being the sassiest to Inez.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s third kid is named Betty Reynolds. Blake revealed that this was the name of her father’s mother. Not much has been said about Betty so far, although she already has a song named after her, composed by Swift.

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