Ryan Reynolds Is Willing to Embarrass Himself on Stage if Good Afternoon From ‘Spirited’ Gets an Oscar Nomination

Ryan Reynolds Is Willing to Embarrass Himself on Stage if Good Afternoon From ‘Spirited’ Gets an Oscar Nomination

Despite a long-running career, Ryan Reynolds had never appeared in a musical before until Apple TV+’s Spirited. The movie also starred Will Ferrell. The actors sang and danced in the modern musical rendition of A Christmas Carol.

Although the movie received mixed reviews, the Oscars have shortlisted the song Good Afternoon. And now both the music directors and Reynolds wish that the song gets nominated. He is willing to do anything if does get a nomination!

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Ryan Reynolds was actually the one to come up with the idea for the song 

Ryan Reynolds was the one to request music directors Ben Pasek and Justin Paul to create a musical number around Good Afternoon that would allow them to drop “camouflaged f-bombs.” The Canadian had considered Scrooge’s Good Afternoon as an insult and played around with that idea. Fortunately, the music directors liked his suggestion and hired songwriters Mark Sonnenblick, Sukari Jones, and Khiyon Hursey to help with the lyrics of the song. In fact, all the people liked the thought so much that it had become a 55-page long Google document with everyone pouring in their ideas about the lyrics of the song

Currently, the shortlisted song is competing with Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga’s musical scores and it’s a tough competition. Yet the crew hopes that the song makes it to the nominees. It’s truly a fun number to sing along to and cuss without using obscene words. 

Ben and Justin are already considering it hilarious if the two leads get to perform it onstage and greet the Oscars audience Good Afternoon. The Deadpool star seems to think the same. 

Look, if this song is nominated for an Academy Award, I would say that the least I can do is show up on that stage and embarrass myself,” Ryan Reynolds said, as mentioned by Variety

Spirited is based on Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. Ferrell plays the ghost of the Christmas past who is already disillusioned with his job and Reynolds plays Clint Briggs, who manipulates Ferrell’s character. The hilarious musical comedy is available to stream on Apple TV+. 

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Do you also think Good Afternoon deserves a nomination? Share with us in the comments. 

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