Ryan Reynolds Humorously Mocks Hugh Jackman on How He Is Neither His Best friend Nor Is Immensely Talented

Ryan Reynolds Humorously Mocks Hugh Jackman on How He Is Neither His Best friend Nor Is Immensely Talented

Ryan Reynolds and his timeless friendships with all Hollywood Megastars like Hugh Jackman are total goals for everyone. Every now and then, he keeps his fans entertained with his wholesome content. And by now we are already accustomed to how hilarious and free-spirited he is with all of his buddies, especially Jackman. 

Just a few hours ago, we got yet another amusing example of Ryan and Jackman’s classic yet quick-witted bond. The Deadpool star visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon once again. Ahead of the duo’s upcoming movie, the host asked some questions to which Reynolds had some typical Ryan-esque funny answers. 

Ryan Reynolds takes a humorous jab at best friend and co-star Hugh Jackman 

It all started with Ryan Reynolds expressing his gratitude to be able to work in the industry amongst such wonderful people. While discussing the bringing back of Wolverine from his all-time favorite, Logan. Keeping the same tone, Reynolds turned instantly sarcastic, stating how he loves “to work with people that are either immensely talented or people I’m genuinely best friends with.” 

This was a straight hit at Jackman because clearly, he is the one Reynolds is working with currently. He also mockingly mentioned that “unfortunately, Hugh does not qualify as either of those“. But we all know how much of a dream it was for Reynolds to share the screen with Wolverine while “protecting the legacy of Logan.” The crowd burst out laughing when he mocked his co-star. On top of it, Jimmy’s reaction said it all. 

Following it, the 46-year-old also mentioned how he has “ached” all his life to work with Will Ferrell. Finally, his longings are getting fulfilled as the two stars will be sharing the screen for a movie called Spirited. It is all set for an on-screen release on Apple TV on the 11th of November, this year. While he genuinely showed his respect for his senior icon, his jab at his best friend expressed how much of a free-spirited human Reynolds is. 

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How did you like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s friendship? Are you looking forward to Reynolds’s movies, Deadpool 3 and Spirited?

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