Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Rumored to Have a Cameo in the New MCU Spiderman Trilogy

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Rumored to Have a Cameo in the New MCU Spiderman Trilogy

It’s raining cameos in Hollywood! Henry Cavill teased his return as Superman in Dwayne Johnson’s The Black Adam recently. And this has successfully kickstarted the new DCEU phase. Ryan Reynolds returned the favor to Brad Pitt in Bullet Train and Spiderman: No Way Home post-credits revealed Tom Hardy’s Venom leaving behind an alien substance. Well, although a new Spiderman movie is still years away. New rumors have surfaced that Ryan Reynolds will cameo in it. 

But is there any truth to any of it? Let’s find out. 

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Will Ryan Reynolds appear as Deadpool in MCU’s next Spiderman Trilogy?

A Twitter account recently posted an update claiming that the Merc with a mouth will feature in Marvel’s next Spiderman Trilogy. The spiderman high school trilogy came to an end after Spiderman: No Way Home. There is yet no update about Spiderman 4 or that of a new trilogy yet. Apparently, Spiderman actor Tom Holland is yet to sign another deal with the comic book giant. If it does come to fruition, we may see a much darker version of Spiderman. 

But anyway, we cannot disregard the fact that Ryan Reynolds will officially make an entry into the MCU with Deadpool 3. So, there’s a chance that Marvel might bring Reynolds into the Spiderverse.  The Canadian recently announced that Hugh Jackman is coming back as Wolverine in the threequel. This started another batch of rumors that the sequel may have a crossover with the Fantastic Four.

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Due to the time travel element that was introduced in Deadpool 2, Wade will meet the team from 2005. Once again, Marvel has not offered any comments on this. However, Ryan has in fact commented on Taylor Swift making a cameo in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

The Definitely Maybe star has been tight with the pop singer for decades now. They are extremely cute with Taytay name-dropping his kids in her music. But unfortunately, Reynolds broke Swifties when he refuted the rumors about her making an appearance in the flick. But he does wish for it to happen. 

Do you want to see Wade Wilson navigating the webs of Spiderman?

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