Ryan Reynolds Was Left Devastated When ‘Deadpool 2’ Cost a Stuntwoman Her Life

Ryan Reynolds Was Left Devastated When ‘Deadpool 2’ Cost a Stuntwoman Her Life

Ryan Reynolds is a very successful actor, investor, and businessman. He is one of the most sought-after individuals in the industry today. Over the years, Ryan has given some incredibly popular films such as Deadpool and Free Guy. Apart from being an incredible actor, Reynolds also has a reputation for being an extremely hilarious person. The Deadpool actor’s comical persona and prankster nature know no bounds. While Reynolds is known for always joking around and pranking people around him, deep down Ryan is also an emotional guy.

Deadpool 2 was an extremely entertaining film. It was one of the most successful films by Ryan Reynolds. However, as we all know, what we as the audience see is the final result. We can’t see what goes behind the cameras, how many people are involved, and how tiring the entire process is. Likewise, on the sets of Deadpool 2, a stunt woman died while filming a scene for the film that left Reynolds in tears.

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An incident from Deadpool 2 that left Ryan Reynolds with tears in his eyes

Whilst filming Deadpool 2 a terrible accident occurred that left everyone devastated. Professional female stunt driver, Joi Harris who was also a pro motorcycle racer died during an accident while filming a scene for the film. Harris who was performing her first stunt died as she fell from her motorcycle and crashed through a plate glass window of a nearby building.

In response to the terrible accident, Reynolds had a few words as he offered his condolences. Sharing a note on Twitter Ryan wrote how he was heartbroken, devastated, and shattered. The Merc with a mouth star also added, “My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.

Following the tragedy, the filming of Deadpool 2 was immediately halted. Apart from Reynolds, the entire cast and crew including director David Leitch offered their condolences for Harris. Furthermore, Deadpool 2 was also fined for its failure of providing a safe workplace for women.

What is the Free Guy actor up to now?

As of late, Ryan is gearing for the release of two of his projects, Spirited and the much anticipated Deadpool 3. Beyond the cameras, the actor is often attending football matches of his team Wrexham A.F.C. And according to rumors, Reynolds is now planning to buy Ottawa Senators.


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