Ryan Reynolds Adds Fuel to Fire as He Follows Ottawa Senators Amidst Rumors of Buying the NHL Side

Ryan Reynolds Adds Fuel to Fire as He Follows Ottawa Senators Amidst Rumors of Buying the NHL Side

From being an actor to becoming the owner of multiple companies, Ryan Reynolds has expanded his reach quite widely. While being a co-partner of the world’s third-oldest professional football club, the Canadian actor now wants to add more to his ventures. As the actor previously expressed his willingness to buy the Ottawa Senators, he has now added fuel to the rumors.

When the Deadpool actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he expressed his wish to buy the Ottawa Senators. Since then, a lot of talks have been going on around the subject. However, the Red Notice actor added fuel to the fire by following the official Instagram account of Ottawa Senators.

Reynolds is known for his presence on social media handles with witty posts. However, this time, the actor gave hope to his fans that he might indeed be closer to buying the team. His fans, especially the Canadians, have always been welcoming of the actor, as he attended the games back in the country. There is no confirmed news about the 46-year-old actually getting control of the team. But his journey from expressing the wish to coming closer to buying it is quite interesting.

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From just wishing to become a favorite, Ryan Reynolds has come a long way

Toward the end of the year 2022, the Vancouver-born actor expressed his wish to buy the Ottawa Senators while in conversation with Jimmy Fallon. Ryan Reynolds mentioned needing people with deep pockets to buy the team. In the same light, he met the governors of the Ottawa Senators and impressed them, too.

In an interview previously, the actor also opened up about his plan for the Senators. He revealed he wanted to make the team global. And now Reynolds has topped the list of potential buyers for the team. Reynolds also owns Wrexham AFC with his partner, Rob McElhenney. While they documented their journey in Welcome to Wrexham, fans are excited to see what the 46-year-old would actor does with the Senators.

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With this interesting journey, do you think the Deadpool actor could buy the team? Are you also a Senators fan? Share your views about Ryan Reynolds buying the team with us in the comment box below.

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