Wrexham Owner Ryan Reynolds Makes Big Promises for Ottawa Senators, Claims to Have a Plan for Reaching New Heights

Wrexham Owner Ryan Reynolds Makes Big Promises for Ottawa Senators, Claims to Have a Plan for Reaching New Heights

Any sports club is not only about the team and the sport they are playing. It represents a community and its feelings on a larger level. For instance, if you look at the craze of cricket in India, you’d understand they worship the sport and the players. Because cricket is like a religion for Indians. In the same way, Ryan Reynolds revealed he wants to tell the story of the Ottawa Senators community by being a part of it. Everyone is aware of the actor’s interest in buying the Hockey team. Let’s see how he feels about it and what are his plans ahead.

In conversation with Jimmy Fallon on his popular talk show The Tonight Show, the Spirited actor confirmed his interest in buying the Ottawa Senators. Afterward, the co-owner of the Wrexham Association Football Club said he would need someone with deep pockets. Well, it’s true because the Ottawa Senators is worth thrice the network of the Deadpool actor. While he figures out the plan for his future with the NHL, let us find out what it means for him to be a part of the Ottawa community.

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Ryan Reynolds wants to tell the story of the Ottawa community through Hockey

The Vancouver-born actor had a zoom call with Derek Monias. He is the student chief at Dennis Franklin Cromarty school in Thunder Bay, Ont. In the conversation, the American-Canadian actor expressed his excitement while reminiscing about the days he spent in his native land. He has kept a close connection with Ottawa is one reason he wants to buy the Ottawa Senators. When Dennis asked him about it, Ryan Reynolds said he could say a lot about it. He said he was a good storyteller and therefore the actor is excited to tell the story of his native land, too. Well, other than being a good storyteller, he is a fan of hockey as well.

The People’s Icon revealed he spent his youth there in his native land. He believes Ottawa can reach new heights in not only just Canada but also globally. Reynolds said he was interested in doing that with the Ottawa Senators. Then he also talked about his journey to know and understand the inner workings of the organization. While talking about that, the Deadpool actor said he loves telling stories, which is what they did with the Wrexham AFC. He revealed the real reason to get involved in sports was this: “Because I love telling, not just the story of the team, but I like telling the story of the community around that team.”

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While Reynolds made a big promise to his fans and to the organization, his fans are excited to see him taking over. Do you think the actor will be able to do that? Share your views with us below.

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