Ryan Gosling & Ana de Armas Fail To Fight South Asian Superstar “Lethal Force” Dhanush in a New Clip From ‘The Gray Man’

Ryan Gosling & Ana de Armas Fail To Fight South Asian Superstar “Lethal Force” Dhanush in a New Clip From ‘The Gray Man’

Dhanush, a Tamil-Indian actor, will soon be featured as Avik San in the Russo Brothers’ Hollywood action movie The Gray Man. The film, which stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana De Armas, is due to launch on Netflix on July 22. And now, the creators have released an explosive action sequence starring Dhanush, Gosling, and De Armas.

Let us take a look at the one-minute clip full of high-octane action and thrill.

Ryan and Ana are no competition for Avik in The Gray Man

In the film, Ryan Gosling portrays the central figure, Court Gentry/Sierra Six. Gentry is a former CIA mercenary on whom Chris Evans‘ character Lloyd Hansen has set a reward. Six’s lone ally is Ana‘s character Dani Miranda.

In this scene, Six and Dani battle Dhanush immediately after learning of someone’s whereabouts, likely Julia Butters‘ character Claire Fitzroy.

In the footage, Avik is completely overpowering Dani and Gentry. The context of the scene remains ambiguous. But the stunt choreography seems to be at its best: something that we all could see in the trailers.

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Dhanush’s time on screen as Avik San may be limited. Those who saw an early screening of the film, however, report that he left one of the film’s strongest impressions. He is also the only character whom ‘The Gray Man’ could not defeat in one-on-one combat.

Loved by the critics

The Gray Man is receiving great reviews from those fortunate enough to watch it. All critics love the great action sequences and performance of the actors in the show, including Dhanush’s

A critique who saw the film called it the Russo Brothers and Netflix’s best. But according to him, the movie entirely belonged to Dhanush as he “completely stole the show.”

Audiences worldwide will be able to watch the film when it has a limited release in the United States on July 15, followed by a global launch on Netflix on July 22.

Are you guys excited to see Dhanush besides Chirs, Ryan, and Ana? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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