‘Resident Evil’ Isn’t the Only Zombie Addition to Netflix, ‘Carter’ Is on It’s Way

‘Resident Evil’ Isn’t the Only Zombie Addition to Netflix, ‘Carter’ Is on It’s Way

Have you already powered through all the episodes of Resident Evil and need some more action-heavy films with a virus outbreak as the central plot? Well, no worries, Netflix has you covered. The streamer is bringing yet another Korean content – Carter. The trailer for the film looks intense with plenty of choreographed action set pieces to give you a thrilling ride throughout its runtime. 

What is the plot of Carter on Netflix?

The trailer introduces us to our hero, Carter. He wakes up with all his memories lost with only a mysterious voice in his head telling him what to do to survive. Meanwhile, we also learn that a mutant virus has infected over eight million people in the US and North Korea. The voice in his head orders him to smuggle the girl, who’s supposedly the only antidote to the virus across the DMZ line and into North Korea. Carter, who is himself a ticking time bomb races against time to locate the girl and get her to North Korea. Of course, he cannot have an easy way out as he has to tackle assassins and the CIA agents who are all after the girl. 

Carter on Netflix is an action-heavy film with extreme violence. There are hand-to-hand combats and stylized helicopter dogfights. At times, it reminded us of another high-octane Netflix vehicle – Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction

Meet the cast members 

Joo Won, most notably known for his turn in Good Doctor, plays the titular role. Lee Sung Jae plays Kim Jong Hyuk. He has previously worked in Attack the Gas Station, Abyss, and Kick the Moon. Lastly, Kim Bo Min assumes the role of the girl – the antidote. The 11-year-old has so far appeared in Netflix’s The Silent Sea and The King: Eternal Monarch and Chocolate. 

Jung Byung Gil directs the movie. He is widely known for his work, Villainess

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When will the movie arrive on Netflix? 

The movie will arrive on the platform on August 5

Meanwhile, you can watch Extraction to get yourself ready for Extraction 2 coming later this year.

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