Remember When Prince Harry Let His Inner Child Out at a Charity Event in Antigua?

Remember When Prince Harry Let His Inner Child Out at a Charity Event in Antigua?

It is nature’s rule that when you have more of something, give it back to those who are in need. While proving this law true, Prince Harry has been giving back to society for quite some time now. Although the Duke and Duchess have also founded an organization to help women and young individuals in need. The Duke has been associated with the events like this since even before he met Meghan Markle. Do you remember the time when the Prince attended an event in Antigua and let his inner child out?

For 15 long years, the Duke has been a patron of WellChild. It is a charity that provides care for children or youngsters with complex needs. He is also the co-founder of Sentebale (2006) alongside Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. They help children and young people living with HIV in Lesotho and Botswana. Along with this, let us go back to the time when the ex-royal let his inner child come to the surface while surrounded by many of them at a charity event in 2016.

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Remembering the time when Prince Harry let his inner child out

In 2016, the Prince attended the Colours of a Charity event in Antigua and Barbuda, reported by the Daily Mail. Although the Prince was dating Meghan Markle in secret, the in charge of the event prohibited people from talking about it. While secretly happy with his love life, the author of Spare spent a memorable time with children with physical or mental disabilities. Throughout the event, Prince Harry wandered around talking with the kids and having fun with them. He even boosted their confidence as they expressed their feelings or when they performed at the event.

The Duke of Sussex also became one with them as people caught him blowing bubbles with the young ones. A child of 5 years of age widened Harry’s smile as he blew bubbles in his face. Prince even made funny faces as he joked while the bubbles were popping on his beard. Harry even had a conversation with the president and founder of the Care Project, Annette Carey. She introduced the Duke to some children as well.

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During the meeting with the children, Prince appreciated and boosted a nine-year-old boy named Nickell, with cerebral palsy. As the boy danced, the Prince asked him if he was practicing followed by a beautiful hug. While the Duke of Sussex hugged some children as he continued appreciating them, he also kissed a girl named Jeanique on the forehead.

With a charming personality and an innocent smile, the Duke of Sussex won the hearts of these kids. What are your opinions about it? Share them with us in the comment box below.

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