Prince William Remembers That One Song Princess Diana Sang to Him and Prince Harry, Reminiscing Childhood

Prince William Remembers That One Song Princess Diana Sang to Him and Prince Harry, Reminiscing Childhood

It is often a misconception among Royal Spectators that Prince William grew far distant from his mother. He followed his father’s footsteps as his younger brother Prince William carried on Diana’s legacy of not being constrained within the Palace Walls. However, that is certainly not the case. Although the Prince Of Wales decided to strictly adhere to his father’s protocols, his love for his mother, Princess Diana, never faded. 

The young brothers were struck by an unprecedented tragedy too early in their lives. Losing their mother to a car accident did not go easy on either of the two. However, as Prince Harry decided to take it personally, William went over to carry the Monarchy’s weight on his shoulders. Rendering his duties towards his UK Sovereigns, the Prince of Wales once sat for an audio interview where he recalled some beautiful memories of his mother along with his younger sibling. 

Prince William shared a heartwarming anecdote about Princess Diana and Prince Harry 

Talking to Apple’s Time to Talk, the Prince of Wales talked of how songs always held special importance to Princess Diana. The one song the Prince narrates to Town and Country that has always stuck with him reminding him of his mother was Tina Turner’s ‘The Beast’. This is because William recounts it as “a real family moment.” Sitting in the back seat of the car while driving to school, Lady Diana would be singing the song at the top of her voice and he and Harry would also tag along. 

This nostalgic moment is imprinted in William’s recollection. He also confessed how the brothers vibing to the synthesizing music was apparently the best part of his day. When he listens to it to this day, it takes him back to those car rides, “and brings back a lot of memories of his mother,” said the eldest of Diana. 

He continued to gush about the preachings and upbringing of his late mother. Diana always believed that there was more to life than that within the tall walls of the Imperial Family. And it was worth living. Many times and oft, the late mother of two would take Harry and William on walks on the streets. She wanted to make them confront the reality beyond Kensington. 

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