“F**k off” – Prince Harry Reveals How Prince William and Kate Middleton Reacted to the News of Him Dating Meghan Markle

“F**k off” – Prince Harry Reveals How Prince William and Kate Middleton Reacted to the News of Him Dating Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has hurled a lot of damaging accusations at his archenemy Prince William in the past few months. In his much-talked-about memoir Spare, the Duke painted an unfavorable picture of the heir to the throne by calling him a bully, aggressive and jealous person. Apart from all the explosive revelations, there were some light-hearted moments as well as the Sussex royal detailed the days when he shared a good bond with the Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton.

In the tell-all Spare, Prince Harry revealed the episode when he shared the news of him dating Meghan Markle with his elder brother and sister-in-law. Months after the Duke started seeing the former American actress, he decided to introduce her to his family. However, he was completely taken aback by the way Prince William and Kate Middleton reacted to his dating life. Why Prince and Princess of Wales could not digest the news of the Sussex royal dating the Suits actress?

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Prince Harry was worried about protecting Meghan Markle from Prince William and Kate Middleton

As per MyLondon, Prince Harry narrated in the book that one fine day in 2016, Prince William and Kate Middleton invited him for a dinner. The couple was suspicious about something going on in the younger prince’s life and demanded answers from him. After much deliberation, the Spare decided to come clean. But not before taking a promise from them to not leak the news

“I casually mentioned that there was a new woman in my life. ‘She’s an actress.’ ‘Oh?’ ‘She’s American.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘On a show called Suits.’ Their mouths fell open. They turned to each other. Then Willy turned to me and said: ‘F*** off!’ ‘What?’ ‘No way.’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘Impossible!’” Prince Harry described the events in the book.

The weird reactions of his brother and sister-in-law baffled the Sussex royal. However, their shocking reaction became clear to him after knowing that they were religious viewers of Suits. The revelation also eliminated his fear of them not welcoming Meghan Markle into the family. Meanwhile, he also took a jibe at the situation, saying that he was concerned about the couple hounding the actress for an autograph on their first meet.

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Despite being fans of Meghan Markle, why did Prince Prince William and Kate Middleton fail to be good to her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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