Rematch After 3 Decades: Check Out the Battle of the Sensei’s in the Latest Season of ‘Cobra Kai’

Rematch After 3 Decades: Check Out the Battle of the Sensei’s in the Latest Season of ‘Cobra Kai’

A carnival of karate fight scenes, a feast for the eyes of all its fans, Cobra Kai never fails to deliver. The Netflix hit series has amassed an enormous number of fans since its release. It’s a show that thoroughly keeps us entertained and teaches us various life lessons. Furthermore, the story and drama keep the viewers glued to their screens and wanting for more after each episode. Anyway, we all know how great the show is. Now let’s have a look at a particular fight sequence from the latest season that fueled the fire in fan hearts.

Cobra Kai: Battle of the Sensei’s choreography

Cobra Kai doesn’t rely on fantasy or gore to satisfy its fans. It is a pure real-life fight sequence show, and this adds a certain charm to the popular series. Chiefly, the believable action scenes are highly appealing to the audience. Whether it is a dojo training session or an All-Valley tournament match, the scenes and backstory conquer the hearts of the fans.

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For the fourth season, a major concern for the viewers was the stunt choreographers. Cobra Kai’s stunt coordinators, Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman weren’t involved in the production of the latest season due to scheduling conflicts. However, the action sequences displayed in the season cleared the doubts of its fans. Being believable and not over the top, the fans took a liking to the fourth season’s fights.

One of the main and the most entertaining fights of the season was the match between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso—a proper rematch after three entire decades. It proved to be quite a visual treat for the fans. From the choreography to the direction of the fight, the Cobra Kai creators displayed an impressive all-around feat.

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The fan’s reactions to the fight

It would not be an exaggeration when I say that the fans were thrilled and exploded over social media to share their views about the fight. It reminded them of the old times when they first witnessed The Karate Kid fights.

The reason for this rematch was to take control over their joint training. Both the Sensei’s had struck a deal: whoever won the fight would teach the students their respective way of karate.

The Netflix popular series just gets better and better after each episode. One thing Cobra Kai excels in is building up the viewer’s interest and enthusiasm before a major fight. Did you find the fight between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso impressive? Share your thoughts below.

All seasons of Cobra Kai is streaming currently on Netflix.

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