Ranking The Top 5 ‘Stranger Things’ Duos Based on Their Chemistry and Comradery

Ranking The Top 5 ‘Stranger Things’ Duos Based on Their Chemistry and Comradery

If anything, Stranger Things has always been about the best on-screen relationships, friendships, and overall affectionate connections among the characters. May it be Hopper’s and El’s father-daughter relationship or Eleven and Mike’s friendship-turned-relationship that has made them the sweetest and lovable on-screen couple on the show, the saga of such bonds and connections has been overwhelming.

Not only the duos but eminent groups and trios like the one comprising Joyce, Murray, and Hopper, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve fighting the demodogs, and of course, the original Hawking’s gang has been overpowering. On top of that, Season 4 has brought them all much closer than ever. Hence, it is impossible to mention each of them in the top five duos of the show. However, we have still tried to count on the most sizzling and heartwarming partners we could ever have.

Top five duos of Stranger Things

Dustin is a kick-ass character, and no doubt has amazing chemistry with everyone. Still, the guitar and death scene has to put Eddie at the top with him, following which we have another duo on equal footing, Steve and Henderson. Steve and Dustin have been the most beloved partners in crime since the show’s initial seasons. The Harrington-Henderson dynamic establishes a magnificent duo that we all root for.

Steve and Robin come next because they have such a healthy friendship. The one that’s more honest than Nancy and Robin’s, as theirs still feels a bit more fragile since it is newer. We clearly witness her get nervous around her at times. On the other hand, Steve and Robin have always had each other’s backs. Unquestionably so, they make the best platonic sweethearts ever.

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Murray and Joyce, because like Steve and Robin, they are truly honest with themselves and are straight-up badass people whose characters play off each other very well. In addition, the latest episodes where they rescued Hopper from the dreaded Russians were a treat to the eyes. Given the fact that they belong to the millennial generation, they are no less wholesome and endearing than Steve and Robin. 

Hopper and Joyce. They undoubtedly make the best parents-duo on the show. The way they have nourished our Hawkin’s devastated team is purely adorable. Moreover, their investigation of Will as they rescued him from the Upside Down comes in the top 10 moments of Stranger Things. 

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Jonathan and Argyle are last but still admirable. As Will points out, Jonathan spent his time in California getting high and avoiding his family. And Argyle was a big part of that. While he adds some good humorous moments, we are not really a fan of how he affected Jonathan’s character development.

Which one did you like the most? Tell us more in the comments below.

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