2016 vs 2021, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard Recreate a Wholesome “piggy back” Moment from ‘Stranger Things’ Set

2016 vs 2021, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard Recreate a Wholesome “piggy back” Moment from ‘Stranger Things’ Set

Stranger Things‘ power couple, Mileven share a startling chemistry on-screen. Right from the beginning of the show in 2016, Mike and Eleven have been inseparable regardless of the incessant hardships they face. However, not only in the show, both the actors, Millie Bobby Brown, and Finn Wolfhard are great together in real life too and the roots of their friendship run deep. The two stars never fail to deliver their fans with some of the most wholesome content ever. So do you want some more?

Here’s another archaic sneak peek from behind the sets of the show where the Stranger Things sweethearts have been nothing but adorable. We bet you wouldn’t have noticed this but the couple recreated the mushy moment, years after, in the sets of the fourth season. Let’s show you what it was.

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Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard relive this cozy moment

Years back, when the young artists were shooting their first season together, they had a sweet and heart-fluttering picture of them clicked. The image showed Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven calmly resting her head on the back of our Hawkin gang’s hero, Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard. Their friendship was just beginning to sprout as that was the season they met for the first time. Hence, the feeling of instant connection and attachment was always present. However, quite evident from Finn’s grumpy face, it was an on-spot click.

Cut to 2022, the grown-up, and mature young adults were again caught in a similar pose by the camera. As their friendship has grown deeper than it did back in 2016, the fun-loving actors were hanging around on the set with Finn carrying Millie on his back. This piggyback scene is again a candid picture. But thank god we’ve got it.

The image just shows how bonded and comfortable the actors are with each other on the sets. The two stars have worked together for six years and counting. Hence, it’s quite obvious that the cast of the show lives more like a family than co-stars at the workplace. Watching these two sharing the innocent yet sweet moment once again also made us want a piggyback, didn’t it?

What are your thoughts about Mileven? Are they your favorite couple on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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