Fans Predict Another Hit Coming to ‘Stranger Things’ After Running Up That Hill and It Will Make You Roll

Fans Predict Another Hit Coming to ‘Stranger Things’ After Running Up That Hill and It Will Make You Roll

The thrilling show Stranger Things has become the flag bearer of brilliant Netflix original series. The series is set during the era of the 1980s. As such, the creators brilliantly incorporate iconic songs from the era into the fast-paced show. Apart from the intriguing storyline and charming characters, Stranger Things gained acclaim for its soundtrack, including Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.

After featuring on Stranger Things, Running Up That Hill gained a second life and was all over social media. With the 5th season of Stranger Things in the making, fans are predicting another hit and this prediction is more or less narrowed down a Rick Astley song.

Will Stranger Things use this Rick Astley song in Season 5?

With the announcement of the new season, fans are going gaga with theories. From Eddie actually surviving the bat attack to Barbara Holland reappearing just as magically as she disappeared, anything could happen. The previous season played Running Up The Hill at all the right places. And with the memes and popularity of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up growing, fans are predicting that the Duffer brothers will surely use it in the series.

This is their plan all along from StrangerThings

Fans on Reddit seem to be the firmest believers in this theory. Some even expect a cameo from Rick Astley himself. They want the song to play in the season finale as the credits of this incredible success roll. Stranger Things fans also believe that the wholesome lyrics and the abundant love in them are one of the strongest weapons against Vecna.

A scenario in which the song can play is as the characters put a final end to Vecna and her evil. Never Give Up On You is also perfectly suited for a wedding given its sweet lyrics about staying together for a lifetime.

Jopper fans are all ears as soon as they hear the word ”wedding”. After going through what they did, fans will be very disappointed if Jopper is not the endgame. As you wait for the new season, you can binge-watch the older seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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Let us know in the comments below, what you think is going to be the hit track from Stranger Things season 5.

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