“Pu**ies” – Dwayne Johnson Once Revealed His True Feelings About Marvel Superheroes

“Pu**ies” – Dwayne Johnson Once Revealed His True Feelings About Marvel Superheroes

The big question of this decade is not what is inside the black hole but who is better between Marvel and DC. And it’s a question that not only comic fans but actors and actresses also often contemplate. Dwayne Johnson, who recently joined the DC big league with Black Adam, revealed his true feelings towards the Marvel superheroes. 

The Rock is definitely on the DC side, which is great for the DC fans who recently lost Henry Cavill. Although the movie was not a blockbuster and was majorly criticized for the screenplay, The Rock put up an enjoyable performance. 

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Dwayne Johnson clearly thinks DC superheroes are more badass than Marvel 

While Thanos caused mass destruction and snapped millions out of existence, including beloved Marvel superheroes, Dwayne Johnson still thinks he is not all that. If the Mad Titan was a DCEU villain, the DC Superheroes would not have taken too long to bring him down. Although he does admit that the Avengers are great and are his buddies, he thinks they are just “pu**ies” in fights. 

“The Avengers? No, you know who’s tough in the Avengers? None of them! DC is in the house!” he said. He further added, “Here’s the thing with the Avengers. They’re all my buddies. They’re pu**ies, that’s the thing.” Even though he is clearly a fan of DC and has expressed his loyalty to the comic book giant, his future in the DCEU is still up for discussion.

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Recent reports leaked his alleged powerplay behind the seats that pissed off the executives. The Scorpion King actor had bypassed several heads to chat directly with David Zaslav, the Warner Bros Discovery CEO. His mechanisms behind the scenes made Cavill’s cameo behind the scenes possible when the studio had already planned to replace the Brit early in 2018. And now James Gunn is restructuring the DCEU removing every element of SnyderVerse.

Do you think Gunn will kick the WWE superstar out of the DC fold too? Or do you think his loyalty will work in his favor?

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