Not Henry Cavill or Dwayne Johnson, but Will Smith Could Be There Real Torchbearer for MCU

Not Henry Cavill or Dwayne Johnson, but Will Smith Could Be There Real Torchbearer for MCU

Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill shocked DC fans by announcing their departure from the DC universe in 2022. However, 2023 can be the year for DCEU lovers to explore new opportunities for their favorite actors. A few days ago, fans suggested that The Rock should return as a famous character from the MCU. But now, another fan has directed that possibility to Will Smith.


Fans began predicting that Rock would now join the MCU when Black Adam fizzled at the box office. The reason behind these speculations was Johnson himself, particularly since he expressed which Avenger he would most want to be, about a decade ago. But Will Smith is the most recent addition to the list of former DC stars who can join Marvel. The question is, which superhero can he play?

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Can Will Smith be the next Marvel sensation?

The person who is behind raising this query is a Redditor who recently posted fan art that showed the King Richard actor as a multiverse Tony Stark. That’s right. This fan is suggesting Smith’s portrayal as a superior Iron Man and not only that. He has also suggested a short synopsis of how the story could go.

Hear me out…Will Smith as Multiverse Superior Iron Man from marvelstudios

For those who do not remember how Will Smith was a part of DCEU, recall him playing Deadshot in the 2016 release of Suicide Squad.


Funny enough, fans also joked about the Slapgate incident of the actor at the 2022 Oscars saying that if Smith joins MCU, it will become ‘infinity slap’ instead of ‘infinity snap.’

However, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star is not the only actor who stands in line to play the next Iron Man. According to We Got This Covered, There is yet another international star whom fans are demanding to see as the next Iron Man. He is none other than Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise who has emerged as the leading candidate to play this Tony Stark variety in a live-action adaptation.

Given that the fans nominate both Smith and Cruise to play the role, it will be fun to watch whether MCU takes these ideas seriously and gives the world yet another superhero to save people.

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