Prince Harry Gets the Audience Cracking at Stephen Colbert’s Talking About the “Americanism’s and Britishisim’s”

Prince Harry Gets the Audience Cracking at Stephen Colbert’s Talking About the “Americanism’s and Britishisim’s”

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his timeless interviews with eminent media personalities never fail to surprise us fans. Especially after the Bombshell Netflix Docuseries and the publication of his tell-all memoir, Spare, the internet is now used to having such shattering or wholesome interviews every now and then.

While keeping his brilliant sense of humor intact, the Prince has an interesting way of touching upon the most sensitive grievances of his life and leaves the audience startled. That is exactly what he did once again on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

The Duke made a surprise visit to the live show on the 28th of February, 2023, after he recently sat down with the host a month ago. As entertaining as it was, Prince Harry stated some clear facts before the audience, laughing them off like a pro. One of the major highlights of the 10-minute questionnaire was the Duke’s stance on inculcating American and British words in his vocabulary. 

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While asked about what would be the best sandwich for him, Prince Harry and the host went into discussing what a ‘toasty’ is referred to in American terms. He further jokingly claimed that he needed to be more careful with the questions since the “Americanisms and the Britishisms are very different.” And by the way, the Prince’s favorite sandwich would be a cheese and ham toasty with a dijon mustard on top.

How did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put up with each other’s diverse speaking mannerisms?

Adding more to it, Prince Harry unleashed some forbidden memories of how it had gotten him and his wife “into a little trouble.” Although he did not mention it explicitly, it was a clear indication of the times he and Meghan Markle were having a tough time getting accustomed to each other’s traditions and lifestyles, especially on the Duchess’ part. 

Colbert and the Duke further went on to draw some more common comparisons between American-spoken English to that of Britain. Vitamins, Vit-amins, and, Bay-Zeel, Ba-zil were among a few. In another instance, the audience burst into laughter about how Americans refer to ‘horse riding’ as ‘horseback riding’ when Prince Harry asks, “where else are you gonna ride the horse?” 

Have you seen the Duke’s latest question-and-answer round yet? Tell us what you liked about it the most in the comments below.

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