In The Physical Altercation, Prince William Broke Harry’s Necklace That Was Personal to The Duke For THIS REASON

In The Physical Altercation, Prince William Broke Harry’s Necklace That Was Personal to The Duke For THIS REASON

The world was never the same ever since Prince Harry exposed his elder brother, the Prince of Wales, William. The leaks that shook the royal fandom one week prior to the memoir release made some mind-boggling revelations about the Monarchy and the way it asserts its dominance over its own. Prince Harry without any hesitation gave every minute detail of the ugly fistfight that took place between him and the future King. 

His excerpts read that William had apparently labeled Meghan Markle as ‘abrasive’ and ’rude’ which reasonably triggered the Duke is Sussex. The same led to a heated back and forth after which both the brothers ended up going down at each other’s throats. Prince William as per Harry’s own words grabbed him off his collar and knocked him down to the floor. In the course of the terrible fight, the Duke landed on a dog bowl, which broke his necklace and left him with some visible spinal injuries.

Prince William broke the necklace Meghan Markle gifted to Prince Harry 

A few hours before the Spare reached the public, the estranged Prince sat for a final interview with The Late Show. The father of two, upon being asked, revealed how precious the necklace was to him. He said how his wife Meghan Markle had given him a precious and thoughtful token of love articulated in that necklace. Their entire world summed up in that chain which evidently had Archie’s and Lilibet’s heartbeats cardiograph. 

During the time of the physical assault, the Sussexes had conceived their second child. Hence, it was just Archie’s heartbeat embedded in a chain that Prince Harry wore close to his heart. He showed it to the host, Stephen Colbert as he appreciated the idea and the wit of his wife, who could think into such depths for a gift. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their second child together at their California estate after having stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family. Archie however was born at the traditional hospital of the family and made his appearance as the once-Prince like his cousins, George, Charlotte, and Louis. 

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What do you think of Meghan Markle and her meaningful gift to her husband? What do you have to comment on the brothers’ brawl that destroyed it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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    January 12, 2023 at 8:51 am

    I cannot believe that this tripe is being advertized in terms such as “bombshell”. It is an absolutely boring, petty complaint by two ungrateful, people whining that life has dealt them such a blow, leaving them scared for life. Megan is obviously the orchestrator who was reveling in the fact that she roped a duke only to find that the title and the glory, like everything in life, comes with a price. So she doesn’t get her cake and eat it too. Meanwhile, the emasculated Harry is one big whine. His actions show him up as totally jealous for not being the elder son, and his way of expressing himself comes across as being extremely immature and pathetic! What two brothers that close in age have never been in a tussle? What’s the big deal? He is totally lacking in character by airing his dirty linen in public and even worse he’s doing it for money! I don’t understand why anyone would purchase the book especially if it’s more of the same pettiness! My wish is that they fade away because this is much ado about nothing, only Shakespeare did a better job of it !

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