“the ginger gene is strong”- Prince Harry Cannot Help But Find Princess Diana in His Kids, Archie and Lilibet

“the ginger gene is strong”- Prince Harry Cannot Help But Find Princess Diana in His Kids, Archie and Lilibet

Prince Harry and his not-so-notable resemblance with the Royal Family have been a controversy ever since he was born. Starting from his own father who saw him with skeptical eyes, every other person has regarded Harry as an outcast. Reports even claim Charles himself labeled him as the Spare baby after Diana delivered Prince Harry after William. The rumors hyped by his own father doubted if Charles was his real father at all. 

Although Major James Hewitt made it very clear, trenchant accusations of him being Harry’s real father never ended. This was because when Charles was involved with mistress Camilla, Diana sought comfort with her close acquaintances, one of which was his ex-lover, Hewitt. Clearing the air Harry took to one of his interviews to talk about the ginger genes from Diana’s family which were previously accused of having been brought down by her lover. 

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Prince Harry talks about Spencer’s genes from Princess Diana

As brought to our notice by People Magazine the Duke talked of the ginger-head traits in the interview with Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host asked the Duke if he finds any of his grandparents in his children. Definitely, my mum! exclaimed the Prince. Harry chuckled upon answering with the lively crowd laughing at his ginger joke. “The ginger gene is a strong one,” said the Duke. 

According to him, Princess Diana and her family’s notable traits of shady iconic orange curls have been passed down to his kids through him. Colbert showed him the picture of their 2021 Christmas Card. Archie and his newborn sister Lilibet were in a playful mood with their parents as Meghan Markle held Lilibet up in the air exchanging wholesome chuckles.  “Look at them, both are redheads,” said Colbert while showing the picture to the audience. 

The Duke once again added how the Spencer gene flowing in the legacy is strong enough to reflect in three generations. He then recalls the infancy of his courtship with Meghan Markle stating how he never believed that the influence of his maternal family would come thus far. However, they did. The Prince is in fact too elated to be proved wrong. 

In the past few months, Harry and Meghan have shaken the royal family from its roots. However, the one thing they kept respecting to this date was their love for Princess Diana and their kids. 

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What is your take on the matter? Do you feel Archie and Lilibet also resemble their grandmother a lot? Let us know in the comments below. 

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    January 16, 2023 at 7:11 am

    Upon the birth of our grandson with bright red hair, I’ve researched how the genetics works to have a ginger baby. Both the mother & father must have the mc1r gene (which produces red hair). And then it’s only a 1 in 4 chance that the baby will have red hair. So with that being said, Prince Charles & Megan Markle must carry that gene as well.

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