‘Ozark’ Makes a Leap From Netflix Screens to Tabletop, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Squid Game’ Alongside

‘Ozark’ Makes a Leap From Netflix Screens to Tabletop, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Squid Game’ Alongside

Netflix is home to a myriad of unique motion pictures and network television series. Out of them all, three major hits on the American streaming giant have made their marks this year so far. Ozark, the crime and mayhem thriller series, Stranger Things with its mysterious dimensions and creatures and last but not the least Squid Game, the run for survival and horror action series. Although they were all strictly adult rated and there was no chance children could ever get a glimpse of these works, the tables have turned. Their time has come to enjoy these epics just not in the traditional bingwatching way.

Ozark: From a core adult content to children’s tabletop

Netflix and Tabletop giant Asmodee have announced three brand new board games based on the three series, Ozark, Squid Game and Stranger Things: Attack of the Mind Flayer, respectively.

Ozark is a family drama grasped in the misery and perils of a crime-drenched lake of the Ozarks. The series has several families interwoven with each other in the storyline. The basic theme throughout the series, apart from crime and mystery, is just families trying not to fall apart.

The show, with its plot running parallel to our lives, kept families and friends close enough through the themes it tried to impart. Apart from the screens, the show will now be a part of your dinner and game nights. Mixlore has developed this fantastic Ozark-inspired game of cards that anyone from adults to children can play.

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The rules of Ozark are as simple. It is a territory control game for a maximum of five factions with at least two on board. The factions represent the different families: The Byrdes, The FBI, The Navarro Cartel, The Langmores, and so on. Like owners of Lickety Splitz and the Missouri Belle or the poppy fields, players must stash in as much money as possible by influencing their assigned territory. The one who gains the most money while exploiting the weakness of their opponents wins the game. This engaging game will keep you hooked to your seats until you’ve finally done your part for your faction and come out safely as the victor.

Stranger Things: The Attack of the Mind Flayer and Squid Game

With major importance placed on board games in the show itself, Stranger Things brings in a brand new game of cards called Stranger Things: The Attack of Mind Flayer. A game of secret identities for children in their 20s. In the game, two teams go head to head as the series’ heroes and uncover who’s on their side and who’s the actual comrade of Vecna. If you succeed in finding out who’s attacked by the Mind Flayer, you win or else you’re welcomed to the land of Upside Down. Developed by Repos Production, this tabletop game will be available with an MSRP of $24.86

Popular Korean series Squid Game, too, got a tabletop version for fans to enjoy during hangouts and get togethers.

In a reckless race for survival and victory, a maximum of six players with at least three can play Squid Game. Each player has a group of 12 members and competes against the rest in six games. The six games seen in the show are Red Light/Green Light, Dalgona, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Bridge and finally, the Squid Game. The team to first reach the Squid head after finishing all the six games wins the board. Mixlore has developed and will launch with an MSRP of $24.86

Well, fans certainly have these games to occupy them as they await updates from Stranger Things season 5 and Squid Game season 2 while nursing the grief of Ozark’s end. Will you play these games once they are out? Your comments are always welcome.

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