Oscar Nominations 2022: Will Netflix Bag Historical Nominations in Top 3 Categories?

Oscar Nominations 2022: Will Netflix Bag Historical Nominations in Top 3 Categories?

The annual Oscar awards are quite a big deal to viewers around the globe as they predict the nominations, winners, and other fun stuff, and 2022 isn’t an exception. But, the one thing fans and enthusiasts have noticed is that Netflix is making quite a mark this season. Will the platform make history yet again? Find here all you need to know about this prediction.

How will Netflix stand out among the 2022 Oscar nominations?

Movie buffs this year know just how great 2021 has been in terms of filmmaking. We saw the release of multiple masterpieces this year. A few of these that we’re expecting to see as nominations at the 2022 Oscar awards are:

Viewers might have noticed how there are three titles on this list that are Netflix Originals. Don’t Look Up and Tick, Tick… Boom! are undeniable fan favorites while Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog has the highest chance of actually winning the Academy Award for the Best Picture. This brings us to the next point.

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How will Netflix make history?

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix will most probably have three nominations at the 2022 Oscar awards. The last time a single studio boasted a whopping 3 nominations at the Academy Awards was back in 1976, more than 45 years ago.

Scene from Don't Look Up.

It was United Artists Digital Studio that scored three nominations for Best Picture. The movies in question were Bound for Glory, Network, and the winner of the award that night, Rocky. Considering the rich history of the awards and the cut-throat competition the films undergo to even make it to the nominations, this feat by United Artists was a historical moment in filmmaking. And the possibility of Netflix doing it again after 46 years is nothing short of iconic.

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All things said and done, these are mere predictions. The actual nominations for the 2022 Oscar awards will be out soon. Stay tuned for all the updates and let us know what you think of Netflix’s three films possibly being nominated!

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