“There’s an Amazing Artistry at Work”: Benedict Cumberbatch About Jane Campion’s Direction in ‘The Power of the Dog’

“There’s an Amazing Artistry at Work”: Benedict Cumberbatch About Jane Campion’s Direction in ‘The Power of the Dog’

After the massive success and critical acclaim The Power of the Dog received, viewers know that neither actors nor the crew was to be taken lightly. Yet, among those icons, director Jane Campion remains the most respected. Watch here what actor Benedict Cumberbatch had to say about her.

Who is Jane Campion?

In an industry as creative as filmmaking, seeing extremely passionate individuals isn’t a rare sight. But there are few who despise an art form and later find out that it is their calling.

Jane Campion, a child from an affluent family that had a lot to do with the theatre in New Zealand, graduated in anthropology and not dramatics. Most of her education was based on painting and Campion even looked to artist Frieda Kahlo as an inspiration. But, over time, this form began seeming too restricted. Campion was dissatisfied with the limitations that came with painting and, hence, ended up choosing filmmaking. As a result, viewers saw her first short- Tissues.

Ever since then, Campion has pursued filmmaking ardently and created many iconic films that will be remembered for generations to come. Right from her first short film- Peel, which earned her awards at the Cannes Film Festival in 1986 to her latest project The Power of the Dog that got Campion the Silver Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival, the woman has proved time and again that she remains a legend who has set a benchmark in her field.

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Why should you watch The Power of the Dog?

The one phrase that accurately describes The Power of the Dog is- an underrated gem. That is, it was underrated until 2021.

Considered to be Savage’s best work, the book is partly autobiographical. This is what sets it apart from other novels. The Power of the Dog is an incredibly detailed experience that Jane Campion felt compelled to work on. The film treads on toxic masculinity that makes rancher Phil Burbank want to hide his homosexuality from the world. Being an agitated lover, he is never really able to express his emotions because of his own shortcomings.

In reference to Phil, Campion explains his character beautifully, saying “He’s so complicated and cruel but, as mean and unkind as he often is, he’s also the tormented, lonely lover safe only by treasuring feelings from a long-gone past”

Campion’s absolute genius along with the freedom she gives the actors to be vulnerable with their roles on the set has time and again produced enthralling outcomes. As a result, we see a movie that explores a deeply flawed human as what he is. Phil is a hurt, complex and enthralling character that none other than Jane Campion, and Benedict Cumberbatch have pulled off. Also worthy of mention are the performances of Kirsten Dunst, Kodi-Smit McPhee, and Jesse Plemons.

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If you’re one of the few who haven’t seen The Power of the Dog yet, consider this a sign from the universe for you to stream it on Netflix, right now!

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